A Vision of the Future

July 15, 2013


Sometimes I wonder if the sacrifices we’re making for Nate’s schooling is worth it.  Sometimes I fear that God is not truly calling him into church ministry and we’re just wasting our time and money.  Sometimes I’m scared that I’m not equipped to be a pastor’s wife – not smart enough, not compassionate enough, and definitely not strong enough.

I often have to remind myself of the faithfulness of God.  There have been months when Nate and I have done the math and it hasn’t made sense.  Some months the bills we’ve had to pay have mathematically been greater than the money we’ve made – and yet we’ve never had to dip into our savings.  When summer quarter began, we knew money would be very tight since Nate was taking two more credits than before and there was one less month to pay the bill (we’re not taking out loans).  We began praying that God would give us a way to make it work and two weeks later Nate was sent on a week long trip for work.  The extra money he made that week was exactly the amount extra we needed to pay the school bills.  God shows us time and time again that he is blessing us on the path we are taking.

This past week has been even more of a confirmation and an amazing vision of the future Nate and I are called into.  Yesterday, Nate preached on the book of Jonah at a church we used to attend.  It felt so natural listening to him share the work of God from the pulpit.  He pulled out deep truths and yet presented them so simply.

Throughout the week prior, as Nate had been preparing and studying Jonah, we got into so many deep discussions regarding running from God (the first chapter of Jonah), the meanings of specific verses and phrases, and how to share what we’ve learned with others.  Nate included me in his studying.  He allowed me to be a part of His passion.  I am so blessed to have a husband that recognizes my ability to think deeply and theologically.

I realized that this is what the future looks like for us.  Sure, there will be hard times.  I will watch Nate being overwhelmed by church ministry.  I will feel inadequate at times.  There will be times that we fail.  That is not what is important, though.  What is important is that we will  be ministering.  We will be studying the Word of God together.  We will be following God’s leading in our lives together.

I have a sense of excitement for that future.  It is going to be beautiful!

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  • What an amazing blessed your life already is and is going to be! You guys are going to do great things together! So neat that God chose you for this life 🙂


  • Ah God's so cool like that! His provision is, literally, out of this world 🙂

  • Amy

    I love when we see how faithful God really is! <3

  • God's timing is perfect. 🙂

  • I can't begin to tell you how much I love hearing stories of God's financial provision. I think it's so amazing how many times I have heard that God provided the exact amount of money someone needed for an extra or unexpected expense. It just goes to show how much He loves us, and though it's something that seems big to us, it's so small for Him, and He STILL takes care of it for us! 🙂

  • That is wonderful

  • It's so amazing how God provides. It's funny how it almost seems surprising every time it happens even though it really shouldn't.

  • I love hearing how God has blessed you! Your family's future is going to be amazing!

  • Jen

    Just wonderful! 🙂

  • wow, this is such a heartfelt post… so blessed to see what God is doing in your lives!! now I want to listen to that sermon!

  • I totally know what you mean by this post! It's amazing what God blesses us with when we are trying our hardest to stay on his path. He will always give us the means and never test us above what we are capable of handling.

  • I'm glad that your husband has found something he's compassionate about, and that he'S following this path. You are not inadequate and never will be. His path may not be yours, but you are always going to support him in his decision. And that's all that is truly important. Good luck to the two of you on your path!

  • No matter what road you choose there will always be bumps. It's how you deal with it as a couple that really matters most.

  • You know exactly what you must do and you're doing it! You're pressing into God and praying… and He's hearing and answering your prayers! He provides for us. We just have to trust Him to do so.

    I love reading your posts and I feel blessed to be able to watch this journey that you and Nate are on. You WILL make a wonderful pastor's wife, because I am touched by your ministry here, on your blog.

    Love and prayers.

  • Love what Krysten wrote…never truer words. She said it perfectly.

  • Making decisions for schooling and building life plans and seeking to follow God can be a scary thing when it comes with times of uncertainty. My family has experienced such times–even when we know for sure that we're doing exactly what God wants us to do…sometimes the practical things like money just don't seem to be working out quite as we'd hoped. My Mom always quoted Psalm 37:25 in times like that: "I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken Or his descendants begging bread."
    I love the meaning of that verse so much–if we keep seeking God, he'll never forsake us, no matter how different our lifestyle might look from the "sensible" worldly lifestyle.

  • I love reading about people planning and being comforted by God in the turmoil of life 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this! You are so inspiring to me. McKenna Lou http://www.lynnandlou.com/

  • Even having those conversations about God is important enough to propel you both through anything and everything.

    Amanda Rose

  • Love this post! So crazy how God provided that money for y'all like that. He is so so amazing in the way that He works. I'm so excited to see you excited about the future! God has great things planned you guys 🙂

  • you guys will make it through. you're almost there and even though it sounds like things have been really stressful at times, it seems you have managed to survive from month to month. His schooling will be over soon 🙂

  • God is so faithful all the time. It is amazing to see that through your life and the lives of many around me. And of course my own life too. He has such a huge plan for you and Nate as he steps deeper into ministry. I heard a little slogan once that God does call the qualified he qualifies the called. So he will be sure to equip you both in all the ways needs to do his work. Thank you for sharing this!

    The Word of A Nerd

  • That's all the confirmation you need. It's amazing the way God works!

  • Don't you love how God works? He just sends a simple confirmation of comfort. Yesterday at church we talked about the scripture that says, "with God all things are possible." I'm know that if Nate keeps him constant in his life, he will be led to what he needs to do. And remember don't fear if things like this happen again in life, which I'm sure they will. The opposite of faith is fear. Just keep up the faith. You are seriously such a good example to me. Thanks for posting things like this. =)

  • What a lovely post! My grandmother was a minister's wife and she still embodies wisdom, grace, and beauty to me. My grandfather went on to get a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling and Psychology (after his graduate theology degree) because so many parishioners needed his guidance and he didn't feel qualified to do that. My grandfather ended his schooling when he was well into his thirties. They managed to survive, but there were some lean years. My grandmother was my grandfather's rock–and vice versa–and they were in it together. They embodied such a loving and supportive relationship. I think with your positivity, your love, and faith, you'll make it through with flying colors!

  • Your words are beautiful Savannah! So are your thoughts.. All we need is God's grace and that we should be always thinking about him with our heart and not with our head.. Answers come much easier that way.. God bless your life and your Husband's calling. Have a Happy SITS day 🙂

  • This is so beautiful. It is amazing how God can stretch what we see as barely enough and make it more than enough. It is in those times that the awesomeness of how great a God we serve becomes so evident. Thank you so much for sharing and I will definitely be stopping by again…Happy SITS Day! 🙂

  • I doubt that any of us feel we are completely capable of being either a pastor or pastor's spouse. Isn't it terrific that God says He will be our strength and work through us, no matter what He calls us to do? Happy SITS Day!!

  • It sounds like you two have a wonderful working relationship. I'm glad you've seen God's hand in your lives. May you be blessed as a family as you do this important work.

  • It sounds to me like you are on the right path, for sure. Best of luck to you both.

    Happy SITS Day!

  • Continued best wishes for the both of you!

  • Continued best wishes for the both of you!

  • It is so great that you are so confident in your future! I love that you shared this 😀
    Happy SITS Day!

  • Confidence is the most important weapon! xoxo

  • Confidence is the most important weapon! xoxo

  • I love the confidence that you exude in your future despite the concerns you share. Best wished for the future!

  • I dropped by from SITS. Thank you for sharing your story. I had to lean on our pastor several years ago when my son was sick and it was such a gift to have him there when we were in need. I understand the sacrifice you and your husband make to serve God and help others. God bless you for giving so much of yourselves to others and I wish you a wonderful life together. You are a beautiful couple and you will have many years ahead filled with joy! I'll start following you! I'm at http://www.tweakandstyle.com if you ever want to drop by. Just really started blogging.
    Best of luck with your blog,

  • What a blessing to read your testimony! God is faithful always, and in all ways!

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