Budget Wedding Week – A Rose By Any Other Name

July 5, 2013

Happy Friday, friends!  It’s the last installment of Budget Wedding week.  Like I told you all the past few days, Nate and I did not have a specific budget for our wedding (the less we spent the better) so it was my goal to create the day of my dreams for as cheaply as I could.  I researched, got help, took full advantage of sales and, at the end of the planning, realized the whole wedding had come to $3,500!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to share my budget wedding tips with friends and family to help them create amazing days for amazing prices!  I figured it wouldn’t be right of my to leave you all hanging.  I’m sure plenty of you would love knowing the tricks for weddings (or other events) of your own.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do this week! A huge budget cut we made was in our flowers.  Like I told you yesterday, we used fake flowers in the décor but I still really wanted to have real flowers for the bouquets and boutonnieres. Flowers 9 I had never done any sort of flower arranging before but I figured it couldn’t be too hard to DIY a bunch of bouquets and boutonnieres.  I ordered 100 yellow roses from Costco, having them arrive just a few days before the wedding.  A few of my bridesmaids and I sat down for a few hours the Thursday before the wedding and made the flowers look lovely!  I had the bridesmaids’ bouquets wrapped in green ribbon and wrapped my bouquet with ivory lace and added baby’s breath.  The boutonnieres just went to the dads, moms, grandparents, and groom and were a single yellow rose and baby’s breath.  It definitely stressed me out, worrying that I wouldn’t be able to make the flowers items as pretty as I wanted but I thought they all turned out wonderfully!  I was so thankful for my bridesmaids helping me out!  It was fun, looked great, and saved a whole lot of money.  Win, win, win! IMG_9629 Check out one of my favorite bloggers:

  • beautiful yellow bouquets!

  • Love all the green and yellow! Looks so cute!

  • oh i'm curious– how did you keep them from wilting before the ceremony?? did you just put them in the fridge??

  • That's cool that you did them yourselves. It adds a person touch as well as saving money.

  • Jen

    I think the flowers look amazing and it's always fun to do things yourself.

  • lovely bouquets! great job!http://underthestarsandsun.blogspot.com/

  • That is awesome. Doing my own flowers would definitely stress me out. I don't think I am very good at flower arranging. Yours really did turn out beautifully. I love how you added the little white flowers to yours 🙂

  • The flowers and your girls look beautiful 🙂

  • I think that is a really cool compromise that you ended up doing fake flowers for decorations and homemade real flower arrangements for individuals to carry! We made our bouquets and boutonnieres and corsages at home, too, but with fake flowers. I still have Angel's in some random drawer in the house, I'm sure. I love your new "2" picture on the sidebar!

  • So lovely! We had a winter wedding so we did fake spruce boughs for decor but white roses for the bouquets. Also, there was only the maid of honor and the Best Man – so that saved on flowers too! Whereas it looks like you had a large wedding party.

  • The flowers are wonderful and look so great! I also love your Dress *_*

  • Flowers can be so expensive for a wedding. You're smart! They looked great.

  • Z

    Flowers look pretty, yellow is beautiful. I just sent a thankyou note with yellow flowers to someone.

  • They came out great!

  • That's amazing! And it was still stunning 🙂



  • These are gorgeous! And yellow is such a happy color! 🙂

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  • Pretty bouquets! I used wholesale/DIY flowers for my wedding as well and loved how they turned out – I was quite proud of myself and my bridesmaids every time I looked at them 🙂

  • What an awesome week of ideas. I wish I had something like this before I got married. Anyway, beautiful flowers!!! =)

  • those flowers look beautiful! I wish we would've done something different for flowers. that was the most expensive part of our wedding and they weren't even that awesome. my sister ended up buying dozens of roses from costco and put together her bouquets herself and they were beautiful!

  • Ugh flowers were the death of my wedding. I was going to DIY them with my mom, but then some unforeseeable circumstances got in the way. Your flowers are beautiful!!

  • This is great. Luckily we had a friend who did them for us. But, had that not been the case, I would have done this and yours look just as great. I think people are realizing more and more that so many things are doable themselves. Very budget friendly and wise. I love the yellow and the wedding picture, you're very pretty. Take care,


  • Those look great! One thing I wish I would have done is my own flowers. We did all the flowers for the décor and they looked amazing!! For my bouquets I met with a local lady and picked out everything down to the ribbon… and then on the day of–they looked nothing like what we had planned! Even the color of the flowers were wrong! I wish we would have not wasted our time planning everything with her and done it ourselves–that is my one wedding regret… there's always one thing…and if that's the worst that happened I'm definitely ok with it. 🙂

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