Work My Closet: Chiropractor Conundrum

January 8, 2014

Teal Sweater

Cardigan: Target // Sweater: Thrift Store // Jeans: H + M
Shoes : Bobs by Sketchers // Necklace: Target

I have horrible, chronic back pain.  I know others have it so much worse and I am blessed that my pain is not debilitating but it still is so hard.  For about a year I visited a chiropractor and wasn’t really seeing results (and just really didn’t click with the chiropractor)….  so I quit going.  It’s been a year since I stopped seeing him.
Through the course of the year my back has been a constant struggle.  Whenever I’m home, sitting on the couch, I have a heating pad on my back.  Nate has to give me massages all the time (which I definitely don’t mind).  And, to tell you the truth, I’m never without pain.
Since this is my year of being intentional, one of my first steps was to find another chiropractor (one with great reviews) and give it another go.  Katie really lit a fire under me when she wrote this post.  If a chiropractor could do her that much good, I’m sure I could find one who could help me too!  A few nights ago I headed there after work, not really feeling as though he’d be able to do much.  I was so wrong.
This chiropractor actually listened to me!  I explained exactly what I was feeling in my back, he asked clarifying questions, and we discussed what the other chiropractor had done that hadn’t worked.
Then this chiropractor examined me.  Initially he had me stand in front of him so he could look to see if anything in my back looked out of line.  At first he said everything looked how it should…
Then he examined my lower back…  To my surprise, he immediately told me that my PELVIS IS TILTED!  Since he then knew what he was looking for, he examined my back in more depth and found the spot on my upper back where it’s curved, compensating for the tilted pelvis, allowing my shoulders to still be straight.  And, wouldn’t you know, the spot he found on my upper back is exactly where the majority of the pain is!
In ONE appointment he found the problem that the other chiropractor didn’t find for a whole year!!
Now we have a game plan to get me better.  Through adjustments, he can get my pelvis (and, therefore, my back) back where it’s supposed to be.
I’m SO EXCITED to be seeing this doctor and already feeling results from the very first adjustment he did.  I feel so blessed by those (especially Nate) who encouraged me to give it another go.  I’m so thankful to the Lord that he’s given wisdom to doctors to help heal.
I have hope that my back pain may someday be a thing of the past – a hope I haven’t had in a very long time.
  • A good chiropractor can be like a miracle. I saw one I would call Dr Magic Hands because he helped me get back full range of motion in my shoulders and neck and reduced my pain. I stopped going since I rransferred to a different office in my company and now he's too far but man, I am willing to drive to see him again lol.

    I'm glad you found an awesome chiropractor and wish you lots and lots of relief!

  • so glad that you found a doctor that can help!!! what a blessing! 🙂 praying that your back pain is soon a thing of the past!!
    p.s. did you get a hair cut/color? or is it just the sun?!

  • So glad you've found a great chiropractor! I have lower back pain from a car wreck six years ago, but recently my hips have started to act like an 80 year old's so I've been debating going to see a chiropractor. I've been afraid of having your first experience, so it's good to know about the second!

  • Yahoooooo for relief!!! I was going to suggest acupuncture, but if this new chiropractor is helping then you probably don't need that!

  • I am so glad you found a good chiropractor! I threw my back out a few years ago, and it has never been the same. I modify daily activities because my back is so much weaker than it used to be. I know there are great chiropractors out there because I found one and he was amazing, but I lost faith after we moved and I couldn't find one I liked. Good chiropractors can be really hard to find!


  • Amy

    its all about finding the RIGHT doctor. I'm so excited you've found one that is willing to listen to your issues and take the time to make a game plan!
    so excited for you friend! hopefully this will bring some much needed relief!

  • Okay I need to go see a chiropractor. About a month ago I woke up with what I think is a pinched nerve on the right side of my lower back. Its getting a little better but if I move wrong or stretch wrong it sends a shooting pain up my back and down my right leg. Not great since I move A LOT in my job.

  • Oh I'm so happy for you! The right chiropractor can make all the difference! I was seeing one for years that helped at first, but after a while I felt like he was just guessing what was wrong, and not treating me as an individual. I switched and love my chiropractor now. My three kids and I all go every month. And a few months ago I bought one of his chiropractic pillows, and oh my! It's made a world of difference for my neck issues! Have you ever gotten a professional massage? I would get one every couple weeks if I could, SO beneficial, especially in conjunction with chiropractic!

  • happy to hear that your visit went better! i personally am a fan of visiting a Physical Therapist over a Chiropractic, because they often can do what a Chiropractic can do, but can also help fix the problem a little more for the future!

  • 1) I love your outfit! Especially that necklace.
    2) I'm SO glad you found a chiropractor who can actually help you! I hope you can be completely pain free, and soon (or as soon as possible!) The way that something wrong in one part of the body can cause problems in a completely different part is so amazing and weird. My sister in law was having some sort of pain (I think shoulder?) that ended up being related to a problem in her digestive tract. She was able to get help with her digestive thing, and the pain is gone now.

  • I'm so glad you found a chiropractor that works for you! Sounds like he is tailoring your appointments just right to help ease your pain. Back pain is the worst, but I am glad that you have found a way to alleviate some of the tension. I also agree with Autumn – for my back injury, professional massages every once in a while can make a huge difference!

  • yay! So happy you have gotten things under control 🙂

  • I'm so glad you have a chiropractor who works for you! My family has been going to the same chiropractor for 30 years– they even noted in her file when she was pregnant with triplets! Dr. B is a family friend now and does everything he can to find a solution to the problem. Yay for good chiros!

  • i've heard wonders of chiropractors. well the good ones, lol. but i have a friend suffered from chronic pain and has been so much better since she found her chiropractor. good to hear that you're gonna get taken care of, back pain stinks!

  • Yayyyy girl! So happy–I bet it's super relieving to feel some sort of difference after so long! What I'm learning is that doctors are human too and make mistakes. If one isn't helping, or you don't like the answers they're giving you then sometimes trying another one (or two) could be helpful!

  • I go to a chiropractor as well. He's a Godsend I swear. I've been dealing with back pain all my life with on and off physical therapy. But my current one is amazing and for the first time there are results!

  • I have sliding vertebrae, so I also go and see my chiropractor about 3-4 times a year. He's awesome! Glad you're already feeling better, Susannah! Hope you'll be pain-free soon!

  • what a huge relief that must be for you to know what is causing the pain and how exciting that you have a plan to remedy it! 🙂

  • I'm so glad you found someone who can help you! Yay to getting rid of your back pain! 🙂

  • that is great that you finally went and that it went so well!! i hope you stay pain free! 🙂 and love that color on you!

  • Man, I miss my chiropractor. I'm so glad you found one that saw the problem straight away. Fingers crossed everything will get fixed for you! 🙂

  • My back pain isn't constant, but when it flares up, man, it's hard to deal with. I really feel for anyone who has to deal with that ALL the time. Hopefully this chiropractor will help you be pain-free!

  • I'm glad you gave chiropractic another go! My chiro SAVED my back! I had severe sciatica by the age of 19. Never felt better sinceI started getting treatments. Now I'm maintaining at once a month.

  • So glad you find a doctor who can work with you! I have been seeing my chiropractor off and on since I was 15 and it has made a huge difference in my overall health and well-being.

  • I just had an appt with a new chiropractor today as well! Before moving to TN I was seeing someone and he did a decent job, but the moment I was adjusted today after five month's absence I realized how unprofessional my old one was!! I have scoliosis and also suffer from frequent chronic back pain – stick with the chiropractor! And listen to what they say!

  • I've never been to a chiropractor – but I've heard great things! Love that sweater color too!

  • I'm so glad you found someone who could help you! I think it's especially good that you figured this out before getting pregnant – pregnancy does a number on your back, I can imagine how tough it would be with the pain you were having!

  • That is so encouraging, Susannah, and I really hope that your back can get all fixed for you. I've had really similar problems and after cutting out gluten and then going consistently to a chiropractor, I've felt so much better too! I may have to ask you sometime more about your chiropractor.

  • I am so very happy for you. I know from my husband that back pain can be so awful. Especially since there isn't anything you can usually do about it. I think chiropractors are great. I have been trying to get my husband to see one and he will not. I hope he works miracles 🙂

  • i've heard mixed reviews about chiropractors for so long that i've put off going even though i reallly need to. maybe time to give it a go? ps: that blue looks so good on you 🙂

  • That's awesome that you're able to find one who seems to know what he's dong (particularly for your situation!) I've had some problems with back pain, but mine have been said to be from too weak of muscles and it's true, with regular exercise it goes away!

  • I am so glad you got some answers and are on the path to recovery. I have a slight curve in my spine from time at the computer while sitting improperly. I would feel pain in my arms and get headaches because of it. My chiro put me on a 8 month adjustment plan and honestly by 4 months I was feeling completely better. At the end of the recommended treatment he did more ex rays of my spine and not only could I feel the different but I could see it. I am getting adjusted once a month now. Best decision ever.

  • Wow, that is amazing! I'm so happy for you. It stinks that you have to search long and hard to find a doctor who is willing to really listen to you and who is able to know what is causing your pain. I'm hopeful that you will get relief with your new treatment!

  • Adorable look sweetie!
    So amazing
    The Indian Savage Diary

  • Ugh! Back pain is the worse. I've only encountered it during pregnancy, thank god. I'm glad you found a chiropractor that worked magic on you! Not being able to get in a comfortable position is no way to live. And your outfit is cute

  • I'm so glad that you found someone who can help! And your hair looks so pretty on the pictures!

  • I know how horrible back pain can be. I am so glad you have found someone who can help get you better.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  • Oh my gosh I am so happy for you! I wrote a post a while back about going to a total quack of a chiropractor and how horrible it was, but a lot of people told me that good chiropractic care really can make a difference… yay! I've actually been managing my back pain pretty well with yoga.

  • Have you tried physical therapy? Maybe it's a strength issue.

  • Nice look. It looks comfortable as well.

  • Glad you found a new chiropractor! I hope you will feel better soon!

  • Love the gray cardigan!

  • I've always been afraid to try that..I'm glad you had such a good experience!

  • thats great for you. Its definitely what you need. someone who is going to find a solution to the pain for YOU instead of just "treating" it generically.

  • wow, great news!! my dad has had great experience with chiropractor's as well.

  • That's great!! Living with pain sounds so horrible-I can't imagine. Hopefully you are on the road to better health!

  • yes! me too! A good chiropractor makes all the difference! for years a struggled with daily migraines and constant back pain. i took ibprofin like it was candy! i finally went to a chiropractor and instantly started feeling better. i move across town but still use the same one because i tried a couple others that just did not work well with me!!

    my chiro is also a believer and it is such a positive environment to be in!

  • I miss my old chiropractor. He was one of our close friends so unfortunately he saw me out of the office too, but it helped him be able to help me more fully. He was so great! This is one of my goals this year to find one as well! It does make a huge difference, and I am glad you found some relief!

  • Two months ago, I suffered a slip and fall injury which resulted in terrible lower back pain. Even after trying a bunch of medication, the pain wouldn’t go away. My aunt recommended I pay Schrier Family Chiropractic a visit. The results were rewarding and he gave great advice. If you want relief from joint pains, slip and fall and other related injuries, visit or call 561.445.2648.

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