25 Spring Date Ideas

March 24, 2014

Spring – a time for fun , sunshine, and – of course – being twitterpated.  (Bambi, anyone?)  After a cold, harsh winter it’s definitely time to get out and enjoy time with your loved ones.  In search of something to do?  Here are 25 Spring date ideas to rekindle your love and devotion to one another.

25 Spring Date Ideas

1.  Go for a Bike Ride
2.  Take a Hike
3.  Have a Picnic in the Park
4.  Go to a Flower Festival
5.  Take a Scenic Drive
6.  Visit a Farmer’s Market
7.  Go to a Drive in Movie
8.  Have a Bonfire
9.  Go Camping
10.  Eat on the Patio of Your Favorite Restaurant
11.  Go to a Baseball Game
12.  Attend an Outdoor Play
13.  Visit the Zoo
14.  Go Wine Tasting at a Local Winery
15.  Enjoy a Day at a Theme Park
16.  Take a Class to Learn Something New
17.  Start a Garden
18.  Play at the Park
19.  Take a Walk on the Beach
20.  Dance in the Rain
21.  Try Your Hand at Geocaching
22.  Volunteer to Clean up a Highway
23.  Go on a Walking Tour of Your City
24.  Have a Barbeque
25.  Visit a Bed and Breakfast

Now it’s your turn:  What’s a Spring Date YOU enjoy?

  • I really like the "go to a flower festival" one. I've been wanting to do that. Great ideas!

  • Love these ideas! We need to start doing more of these unique ideas 🙂

  • Fabulous list of spring date ideas! I could go for most of these!

    I've always wondered about Geocaching… I might have to try that sometime soon.

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  • Amy

    great date ideas!
    i've thought of some geocaching myself – sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

  • love these ideas! there is a drive in theatre close to us and we try to go once a year! so fun!!

  • so excited for nice weather dates 🙂

  • Jen

    I love these ideas! I am so ready for nice weather. 🙂

  • these are all so great, can't wait to start doing more things outdoors! really need to do #14!

  • This is a great list!

  • Makes me want to go on a date right now! 🙂

  • Love this list! Although the weather here tends to be so unpredictable in the spring… you never know when we might revert back to winter-like weather for a week or more. Today I am enjoying the sunshine though! Or at least looking at it out the window of my office…

  • We love bed & breakfasts!!! 🙂

  • Love all the ideas! Visit a Farmer's Market is one of my favorite dates 🙂


  • Great idea! We like bonfires because then it means we can have s'mores!

  • Love these ideas! Great inspiration!

  • Awesome tips! I still owe my dad a visit to a local outdoor history museum, which we couldn't do back in fall due to illness and later bad weather. I definitely want to do it as long as I can walk without working too hard to not waddle 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Susannah!

  • These are great ideas! Man, I am sooooo ready for spring! Dating in winter is tough!

  • Those are cool ideas! A lot of people seem to think all dates need to involve drinking in a bar or eating out!

  • now if only spring would arrive already.

  • Before too long it should be warm enough to go biking again! I miss that!

  • These ideas are great! My hubby and I do a lot of these!

  • Love these ideas! Thank you. I'm going to utilize some of these ideas for my husband and I!

  • Love all of these…I'm especially all about bonfires and farmer's market dates 🙂 Now, I just need spring to come!

  • all these activities sound absolutely happy and wonderful and perfect for spending quality time together. i think i can make most of them happen, but i'm googling Geocaching right now — that's a new one for me 🙂

  • Love these! We, too, are big into eating on the patio when the nice weather begins.

  • This is such a great list! I really want to have a picnic in the park once it finally warms up here!

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  • Great ideas. I plan on doing a lot of these!! There is a farmers market that we haven't tried, we want to do some hiking and we always do picnics.

  • These are great suggestions! Husband and I have been talking about all of the things we want to do this Spring and Summer. Many are on this list. Just need to go ahead and put them on the trusty calendar if we ever have any hope of actually doing any of them:)


  • Ahh this list is super!! My fave is "3. Have a Picnic in the Park" and I should be arranging one soon….. but I am so tempted to do 10, 15, 16 and 24. Clearly nothing to do with having a green thumb 🙂

  • Those are some great ideas! I would love to have a garden again! Fruits, veggies, herbs…it would be fantastic. Hopefully soon!

  • I've always wanted to try geocaching! I also think a walk/dance in the rain will be necessary. 🙂 I think that's more practical than camping for me in this rainy spring weather.

  • love this photo!! what a backdrop… I miss the Oregon coast!

  • Love enjoying creative dates with my hubby!! Thanks for sharing all of these fabulous ideas! …Adorable snapshot of you and your husband btw! 😉

  • YES! I am SO ready for Spring and all these date ideas are fabulous and simple. Love the farmer's market!

  • I love that almost all of these are free dates… the best kind 🙂 Happy to be a new follower here

    Tattered to Taylored

  • Great list!

  • Loving all of these date ideas!! I've never tried geocaching, but I have always wanted to!

  • I've always wanted to go to a drive-in!

  • Great ideas! We are headed to a flower festival here in San Diego next week. So excited! I'm also trying to talk the husband into going "glamping"! lol We shall see! xo, Sarah @movingeastonwest

  • These are fabulous ideas! I would love to find a flower festival. Our Farmers Market doesn't start until closer to summer, but we try to go every Saturday! We love to have camp fires in our back yard. Can not wait for that to start up again!

  • These are such great ideas. Lamar and I love to eat on patios in the spring! I'm pretty sure it makes the food taste better. 😉

  • I love this list!!!

  • I LOVE this! I was just thinking the other day about some things I'd like to do with Scott once this weather warms up! A drive-in is definitely one of the things I want to do, and then I got stumped. lol Thanks! 🙂

  • these are GREAT – thanks for sharing!!

  • So many fun spring things! I'll definitely hang on to this for some inspiration once the weather FINALLY warms up!

  • I love this and will definitely be using some of these ideas!

  • Def. doing a few of these things this spring … I'll just have to load up on lots of allergy medicine to be able to do them without being miserable.

  • Oooohh how cute!! 🙂

  • A bed and breakfast sounds lovely right about now!!!!

    xo Lauren | http://www.BlissfulHappenings.com

  • Ooo, I'm always a fan of dancing in the rain! What a great list!

  • going to the farmers market is always one of my favorite dates for the weekend!

  • These ideas are so fun!

  • Love your date ideas. I haven't been to a drive in movie since I was a child. Going to have to change that.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  • So many good ideas.. thank you! Now I just need spring to hurry up!

  • love all of these ideas! sounds like so much fun, can't wait for warmer temperatures…
    thanks for stopping by the other day 😉

  • yay! (especially #14!!!)

  • Very cute ideas 😉
    Muilo Burbulai

  • Thanks for all the ideas!

  • Great ideas! I can't wait for our farmers market to start again!

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