We'll Look Back and Laugh at This

November 11, 2014

Our Birth Plan Childbirth never goes the way you plan.  That’s what I keep hearing over and over again.  Even though I hear it, I still have an idea in my mind of how I want my labor and delivery to go.  Maybe I’m setting myself up for failure but I feel confident that I can get at least mostly the type of birth I want.  Two weeks from today is Caleb’s due date so I’d love to share with you all the plans for his birth. After he’s here you’re welcome to laugh at how naive I am.

  • I tested positive for Group B Strep so that threw off my game plan a little bit.  Because of this little complication I will have to go to the hospital sooner than I would have wanted (I have to go as soon as my water breaks or as soon as I’m in active labor.  I would have preferred to labor at home a little longer than that) and have an IV of antibiotics.  Thankfully this is such a little thing and I’m so incredibly thankful for modern technology and modern medicine for the ability to know that my son will not contract Group B Strep from me.
  • I’m planning on having a non-medicated (other than the antibiotics) vaginal birth with only my midwife, Nate, and the nurses allowed in the room.  We’ll be calling our parents to let them know I’m in labor when I go into the hospital so I’m hoping that by the time they get to Portland (a 4 hour drive for Nate’s family and a 6 hour drive for mine) Caleb will have just entered the world and will be ready to meet his grandparents.  If he’s not here yet they’re just going to have to wait it out in the waiting room, at our apartment, or wherever else they’d like to wait.  (Sorry you guys, you know we love you!)
  • My goal is to be able to be up, moving around while in labor.  The IV of antibiotics will unfortunately inhibit me a little bit but my midwife knows I want to be as mobile as possible and will make sure that happens.  I also have the option of laboring in a laboring tub but am not planning on having a water birth.
  • I’m planning on having my labor as unencumbered with cervical checks and fetal monitoring as possible.  Of course, I want Caleb to be healthy so if it’s necessary to be checked more than I’d like I’m all for it.  Thankfully I have an amazing midwife who I totally trust so I know she’ll make the calls that are necessary to keep Caleb and me safe and healthy.
  • After Caleb is born, I am planning on having immediate skin on skin contact with him.  If he’s interested in nursing I want to do that right away as well.  Thankfully, the hospital in which I’m delivering has a policy that, as long as the baby’s healthy, they reserve the first hour or so for baby/mama (and baby/daddy) bonding.  They don’t run tests that first hour, don’t let other family members into the room, and don’t give the baby a bath yet.  I’m thankful that those policies are already in place because that’s exactly what I want.
  • We will be delaying the cord clamping for Caleb and waiting until the cord stops pulsating before cutting it.  We also are going to save the placenta and have it encapsulated to help me with potential post partum depression.  (It’s not as gross as it sounds!)

Beyond all that, Nate and I are pretty open to what happens.  Like I said, we totally trust my midwife and know she will be making the calls that are appropriate for keeping Caleb and me healthy and well.  We are so fortunate to have found her!  If I need additional medications, additional medical procedures, or any other changes to my birth plan I know she has my back and will be making the right decisions.

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