Giving Myself Grace For My Postpartum Body

April 2, 2015

My postpartum body is not recovering the way I had hoped it would.  Instead of getting upset and depressed over it I'm learning to give myself grace for my postpartum body.

Another month has come so I’m once again spending some time focusing on my word of the year – Grace – and reflecting on what I’m learning in regards to the word.  I’m committed to truly remembering my word and not letting it slip away like so many new years goals tend to.  I hope that by writing about my word it will remind you to touch base with your own word and keep yourself focused on what your goal(s) for the year were.

Grace is something that needs to cover so many areas of life and one that I’m needing to focus on right now is my body.  To be honest, I’ve never been one to like the shape of my body.  I’ve always felt too large – even at my smallest in college (looking back I realize I was a twig!) when I weighed 110 pounds.  My body has always been out of proportion of the world’s idea of gorgeous.  Instead of having the perfect hourglass figure I am pear shaped.  I have tiny boobs and a bigger backside.  I’ve always joked about having childbearing hips and, as my easy delivery shows, I guess it’s true.

Since having Caleb, though, I have unfortunately had an even more negative view of my body.  I’m over 20 pounds heavier than I was prepregnancy, my hips have only gotten wider, I have stretch marks over pretty much every surface of my body, and my boobs are either hugely engorged (which, to be honest, I kind of love) or floppy. 

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I knew things were going to change but I didn’t realize how much. I need to be giving myself grace for this new body of mine.  For pete’s sake, I pushed an 8lb baby out of it less than 5 months ago.  I need to view it as it really is, strong, beautiful, and able to create and nourish another life.

I need to listen to the words my husband tells me.  When he tells me I’m beautiful I need to say thank you.  When he tells me I’m sexy I need to believe it.  I need to allow him to say those things and not shoot him down.  I’m thankful I’m married to a man who won’t stop speaking words of truth into my life and who encourages me to believe them.  I need to take to heart the words he is telling me since, ultimately, it’s only his opinion that matters.

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I need to keep my self talk positive.  Instead of letting my heart go to a negative place I need to speak beauty into my life.  I need to smile at my body in the mirror and be happy in my own skin.

I need to give myself grace for the days that I’m not able to exercise but have discipline on the days I am.  I need to focus on being healthy, not getting skinny.  Even if my body never looses the tummy, thighs, or muffin top I need to be ok with that.  I want to be healthy for my little man – able to roll around on the floor with him and, eventually, run around with him.
As I learn to give myself grace for my body I hope I become an encouragement to others to give themselves grace for theirs.

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