Let's All Give Thanks

November 16, 2015

You know when you meet that blogger who has the sweetest spirit and all you want to do is to be her good friend?  Do you ever wonder if that is all for show and that the blogger just couldn’t be as sweet in person?  Well, let me tell you, Kiki is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog!  Go read her blog right now and get to know her precious heart!

Kiki hosts a monthly linkup that I absolutely LOVE – it’s called The Circle – and this month I remembered to link up again!  Join me in sharing what you’re thankful for!

It's wonderful to be able to share what we're thankful for, don't you think?  #Thanksgiving #Thankfulness #Holiday

T – Talking

Being home all day with Caleb makes me thankful when I get to have real, adult conversations.  Nate is so great about letting me chat and chat after he gets home from work!  😉

H – House

God was so good to us when we were looking for a house to rent.  There were two houses in our price range and the size we wanted while we were looking.  I had to come up on my own to check them out.  One of the houses had amazing bones but was disgusting!  There was cat pee everywhere, the carpet was either stained or ripped up, carpet nails were exposed…  You get the picture.  I drove to the second house discouraged and it was wonderful!  It’s the perfect home for us to enjoy until we’re ready to buy.

A – Amazing Grace

How could I have a list of things I’m thankful for without including the Grace of Jesus?  His Grace is what gets me through life!

N – Nate

I don’t know what I’d do without my love.  He’s the most amazing, considerate, loving husband I could imagine and I’m constantly amazed that the Lord brought us together.

K – Krafts

Wait, that’s not how you spell Crafts?  😉  Since moving I’ve gotten in to quilting and other fabric crafts.  It’s a great way to fill my time and to allow me to feel like I’m doing something productive with my days.

F – Friends

My biggest stress in moving was making friends.  The church Nate pastors at is full of people of every generation – except young married couples.  There’s one other couple our age at the church.  Thankfully that couple is awesome and Nate and I are loving getting to know them.  God has also brought other young couples into our lives through other avenues.  Beyond that, though, I’m building great relationships with women outside my age group.  I’m getting to know the high school girls, some moms of elementary age kids, and even the older women!  It’s wonderful to be welcomed into the congregation in such a fabulous way.

U – You!

Yes, I’m taking creative liberties with this one too.  But seriously, I am SO thankful for you!  I’m thankful that you care enough to stop by my space and the encouragement I get from each and every one of you!

L – Little Man

Of course I have to figure out a way to get Caleb onto my list.  I feel so absolutely incredibly thankful that I get to be this little guy’s mom.

Your Turn:
What are you thankful for?
Who’s a blogger that you see a sweet spirit in?
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