Christmas in the Country ~ Lighted Tractor Parade

December 16, 2015
When Nate and I moved we firmly decided that we wanted to get involved in the community.  It would be so easy for us to get wrapped up in the church world.  Since Nate is a pastor we could pretty much live our lives at church or at home and we didn’t want that to happen.  Our town has quite a few community events so we try our hardest to go to a lot of them, meet our neighbors, and build relationships while having fun!
During the Christmas season our town has all sorts of fun events going on!  We were excited to hear that one of the events was a lighted tractor parade!  Seriously, you guys, what’s better than a country parade with decorated farm equipment?  The correct answer is there’s not much better than that!!

Back when I heard about the lighted tractor parade Caleb was in the midst of an obsession with trucks.  I thought his little heart would just burst seeing all sorts of trucks lit up.  Even though his obsession has died down quite a bit he still was entranced by the parade.  He stared and stared, wide mouthed in wonder.  Every so often he would look up at Nate or I and grin.  Oh to have the eyes of a child again!

This is absolutely going to be an event our family attends year after year.  Nate and I are already scheming and planning for a day that WE can be in the parade with our family.  Anyone have any spare farm equipment lying around that they want to donate to us?


Your Turn:
What are some fun holiday events in your town?
What’s the most creative parade you’ve been to?
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