Five Places to Clean Before Having Your Baby

April 7, 2017
Five places you need to clean before having your baby.  Nesting made simple!

After the 31 day decluttering challenge (which, to be honest, I’m only about halfway through…), the next logical step is to deep clean some key areas of the house that often get forgotten.  Although Spring Cleaning is totally a thing I love each year, being less than a month away from my due date makes it feel even more important.  Once this baby is here I’m going to have less and less time to clean so I want to make sure I’m cleaning some easily forgotten spots before having my baby.  Whether or not you’re expecting, you may want to think about cleaning these areas in your home too!

Note: If you are having a baby soon consider delegating some of these chores to kids, spouses, mothers, friends, or neighbors.  Don’t put yourself in danger by standing on chairs, bending over a ton, breathing in harmful chemicals or dust, etc.  Wisdom is key!

Places to Clean Before Having Your Baby


It’s so easy to forget to clean the ceiling of your home.  Vacuum down those spiderwebs that have been spun in the corners, clean light fixtures, dust ceiling fans.  There may be spots that need paint touch ups or scrubbing and be sure that each and every light bulb works!


Touch up your wall’s paint job, wash off any toddler coloring or other markings on the wall, and clean your baseboards.  Sanitize things you touch on a daily basis like door knobs, light fixtures, and closet door handles to make sure they’re germ free!


Now’s the time to wash windows – both indoors and outdoors to get them spic and span!  While you’re cleaning the windows be sure to dust or wash whatever window coverings you use – blinds, curtains, etc.  Scrub down the windowsills, especially the top molding of the windows  where dust collects.


Go throughout the house to all the surfaces that can collect dust.  Scrub down all these surfaces, moving decor, books, and whatever else you might have sitting there and scrubbing down or dusting those items too.


Whatever floor surfaces you have in your house, make sure you clean them!  Deep clean carpets, scrub rugs down, wash the floor in the kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms, and definitely clean your hard wood or laminate flooring.  If you have hard wood floors consider using Bona free & simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  I personally love that it’s hypoallergenic, free of dyes & scents, safe for wood floors, and it’s easy and quick to clean with! It’s also certified asthma & allergy friendly!  Perfect with a toddler and a new baby all over the floors!

Five places you need to clean before the baby comes!Five places you need to clean before the baby comes!Five places you need to clean before the baby comes!Five places you need to clean before the baby comes!Five places you need to clean before the baby comes!

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Your Turn:
How do you feel about Spring Cleaning?
What would you add to this list of areas to clean?

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