• Benefits of Babywearing for You and Your Baby

    February 19, 2018

    Affiliate links are used in this post I always wanted to be a mom who wore her babies!  Throughout my first pregnancy I read all about the benefits of babywearing and knew it was for me.  Unfortunately, Caleb was a punk of a baby and refused to be worn more than half a dozen times…

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  • The cutest monthly update

    Nine Months at a Glance {Josiah}

    February 7, 2018

    Corduroy Fox c/o A Happy Carrot Josiah’s Stats: Weight: 22lb 4oz Height: 29 inches Clothing Size: 12 Months and Size 4 Diapers Milestones My little man is more and more fun every day!  He’s growing and changing all the time and it’s the most fun thing to watch!  Josiah is such a quick crawler and loves getting all over…

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  • #ad Should you give a probiotic to a healthy baby? Here are three reasons why you definitely should!

    Keeping Baby’s Gut Healthy

    January 15, 2018

    I’ll admit it, I’m pretty paranoid about my boy’s guts.  That might sound weird if you haven’t read my blog before now but, for those of you who went through our gut journey with Caleb, you get it! You see, Caleb was a horribly cranky baby!  I thought I was the worst mama and didn’t…

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  • Adorable month update pictures

    Eight Months at a Glance {Josiah}

    January 8, 2018

    Corduroy Fox c/o A Happy Carrot Josiah’s Stats: Weight: ??? Height: ??? Clothing Size: 9-12 Months and Size 4 Diapers Milestones This month has brought about quite a few milestones for Josiah.  First and foremost, as of a few days ago, we officially have a crawler!  At the beginning of the month the little dude began army crawling and…

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  • Toddler Time ~ Neighborhood Cookie Baking

    December 20, 2017

    A few months ago, a sweet elderly neighbor of ours stopped by as we were working on putting up a fence in our backyard.  She told us about an earthquake prepping group she wanted to set up with some of the people in our neighborhood and invited us to be a part of it.  Now,…

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  • Cute idea for monthly updates!

    Seven Months at a Glance {Josiah}

    December 13, 2017

    Corduroy Fox c/o A Happy Carrot Josiah’s Stats: Weight: 20 lb 11 oz Height: 28.5 inches Clothing Size: 9 Months and Size 4 Diapers Milestones This month has been full of new activities for little Josiah – one of which is sitting up!  He’s become quite the pro at sitting in an upright position.  Of course, he can’t get…

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  • Christmas Tree Hunting {2017}

    November 29, 2017

    Every year I wait for the weekend after Thanksgiving, not for Black Friday (I absolutely refuse to go out that morning!), but for getting a Christmas tree!  This year, Caleb spent the weekend after Thanksgiving at his grandparent’s house as a little birthday celebration (and so Nate and I could work on some house projects…

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  • The cutest baby wrestling a fox!

    Six Months at a Glance {Josiah}

    November 15, 2017

    Corduroy Fox c/o A Happy Carrot Josiah’s Stats: Weight: Unknown Height: Unknown Clothing Size: 9 Months and Size 3 Diapers Milestones All of a sudden little Josiah is mobile!  He’s not crawling yet (although he REALLY wants to be army crawling!) but he roles everywhere he wants to go.  He wants to get into everything and, of course, everything…

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