March 25, 2012

I know, I know, Christmas is a long ways off.  For Christmas this year, though, Nate got me tickets to see Wicked.  I finally got to partake in my Christmas present today!  Oh my word, it was AMAZING!!!  I loved every second of it!  The talent shown throughout the performance from actors to musicians to stage workers was fabulous!  It makes me wish that 1. I had that kind of talent or 2. that I had tons of money to go to things like this all the time.

After the show, we went to an adorable restaurant called the Amadeus Manor.  It was a quaint Austrian restaurant in an early 20th century house  in Milwaukie, looking over the river.  Perfect dinner to complete a perfect afternoon.

I totally enjoy having a husband who loves the same sorts of things as I do!
What are things you and your significant other like to do together?  Anyone else seen Wicked?  Isn’t it incredible?
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