On the Road Again

August 24, 2012

Nate and I just returned a few days ago from the funnest trip ever!  We took two weeks off, drove 2,800 miles, camped, celebrated my brother’s wedding, visited friends, and so much more!

Our trip started out with an overnighter at my parent’s house in Spokane.  We didn’t spend much time with my family that day since we’d be meeting up with them on our trip and spending a week with them then.  Instead, Nate and I got to go over to my best friend, Heather, and her husband Ben’s house for breakfast.  It’s always so good seeing them.  We were maid (or matron) of honor in each other’s weddings a year and a day apart.  Yep, their anniversary’s July 3rd and ours is July 2nd.  Pretty great, huh?
Sidenote:  July 2, 2010 – I was at Heather’s rehearsal dinner.  Nate was at his friend’s wedding.  We had been *officially* dating for about 2 weeks.  Nate texts me and tells me that the wedding he’s at is serving cheesecake at the wedding.  He asks “if we get married, can we have cheesecake at our wedding?”  I don’t like cake so I tell him that would be a great idea.  He then says “good, cause then they can say the bride and groom are now going to cut the cheese… cake.”  Fast forward a year to July 2, 2011 – Nate and I get married and have cheesecake at our wedding.  No, no one was allowed to say that we were going to cut the cheese.
Time Driving: 6 hours
That afternoon we hit the road again.  We drove to Kalispell, Montana to visit some good friends of ours, DJ and Sarah.  We’d only seen them once since our wedding so it was so nice to be able to spend a good amount of time with them.  Along the way, we drove through Kellogg, Idaho and obviously had to take pictures.

It was such a great time hanging out with DJ and Sarah.  We got to see their adorable apartment, play with their puppy, tour Kalispell, and just sit and talk.  They live in the most gorgeous area and I seriously considered leaving everything behind and moving in with them.  Nate wasn’t as cool with that idea.  He’d rather they move back near us.  Something to think about, Motleys.  You can move back sooner than you’re thinking if you’d like.
Time Driving: 4 hours
After spending two nights with DJ and Sarah, we were ready to head up to Canada.  We got through the border and I begged Nate to take me to Tim Horton’s.  He tried to convince me that I wouldn’t like it but I didn’t listen.  I’d heard such good things about it from Canadians.
Maybe Portland has spoiled me in the coffee area of life but it was no good.  (I apologize to anyone I offend by saying that)  It kind of tasted to me like gas station coffee.  I’m glad I got to experience it, though.

After getting coffee, Nate and I went shopping for groceries for our camping trip.  Yes, I was the tourist who snapped pictures of the store simply because it had the word “Canadian” on it.

One thing I really appreciated about Canadian grocery stores and other businesses was how eco-conscious they were compared to the majority of American stores.  Once again, this is the Portlander in me speaking.  Many stores charge for plastic bags, causing people to make sure they’re bringing bags from home.  Many places don’t use those circular toilet cover things.  Instead, there were little wipes to clean off the seat if it was needed.  I also thought their way of ensuring their carts were returned was great!  Just like at airports, you put a coin in and then you got it back once the cart was returned.  And yes, I did take a picture of Nate getting our cart.
We continued our drive, mostly through sun scorched farm lands.  They’re only pretty and interesting to look at for so long.  I closed my eyes and dozed for a bit and, when I opened my eyes, this sight was before me.  Needless to say, I was wide awake after that.

We drove through the mountains for a long while and finally, after a long day of driving, arrived in Banff National Park for our camping adventure.
Driving Time: 7 hours
Stay tuned for Part 2
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