The 50’s Called…

August 4, 2012

…and they want their drive-in theater back.

During my unintentional blogging break, Nate and I went on a few dates.  The funnest, by far, was going to a drive-in theater!  Just about forty five minutes from our house is one of the last 400 drive-in movie theaters.  It was so fun to pretend to be back in the 50’s.  This one even does showings of Grease every so often.  I TOTALLY want to go to one of those.

This drive-in always does a double showing with the first showing starting at dusk.  This time it was The Dark Night Rises and Dark Shadows.  We figured dusk would probably be around eight thirty or so and we’d get home around one after watching both movies.  The web site for the theater said that in the summer shows often sell out quickly so Nate and I decided to get their when the doors opened at six thirty.  Two hours isn’t too long to hang out and eat dinner, right?

Well, turns out dusk was around nine forty five, not eight thirty.  We were waiting over three hours!  We had fun while we waited – eating our pizza (yes, we brought in a full pizza), playing cards, chatting, and people watching.

Once The Dark Night Rises ended, we decided we were too old to stay for the next movie and get home around four so we left before Dark Shadows began.

All in all, it was a great evening!

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