Family Beach Trip

September 23, 2012

Last weekend my husband’s side of the family all got together for a weekend at the beach.  Nate’s parents moved down to Arizona last January so we hadn’t seen Nate’s dad for about nine months.  And yes, I did claim that I had given birth to his first grandchild in the time we hadn’t seen him because I’m hilarious like that.  Enjoy this little photo dump with a few interjections.

It was such a great weekend full of laughter, good talks, and time enjoying nature.  Nate and Stephen even took a little time out to “rescue” jellyfish.  Does that remind anyone else of the starfish story?

I felt super safe knowing that we had the evacuation route all figured out in case of a tsunami.  Thanks for figuring it out, guys.

In Seaside, Sheli and I were discussing how neither of us ever find our names on touristy stuff.  Of course, that led to us creating our names.

At sunset the first night I was in such a hurry to get down to the beach so Nate and I could be romantic.  

See, isn’t this picture romantic?  I kinda love my hubby a lot!

Aaron’s help with the fire was drawing the Ring of Safety.  Apparently that’s what kept us all from burning up.  Thanks a ton, Aaron!  I’m glad I’m not burnt up.

My sister-in-law’s purty.  And she’s really smart.  And funny.  And she’s single.  Anyone want to date her?  I’m accepting applications.  😉  (Sorry, Caitlin.  Don’t hate me, please)

Aaron is going to have to learn to not ruin pictures.  He now has a sister-in-law who likes taking pictures and isn’t opposed to sharing ones that people purposely ruin.

Fun fact – This is where The Goonies was filmed.

This is pretty much my favorite picture from the weekend.  I have tons of pictures of Nate standing at the edge of a cliff looking over.  I guess that’s one thing he learned from his dad.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  Let’s not wait another nine months until we’re all together again.  Also, Mike and Sheli, you should move back.  We don’t like you so far away.

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