Celebrate Good Times

November 8, 2012

My hubby sure treats me great on my birthday.  This year we decided to go to a jazz restaurant called Ivories we had purchased a restaurant.com coupon for.  It was such a blast!!!

The four piece band was so much fun and it was great laughing, singing, and (watching) dancing along with everyone.  Best part about it…  We were the only people there under the age of 50 or so.  I’m sure everyone was wondering why on earth a 20-something couple was spending a Thursday night at a jazz restaurant.  We didn’t care, though.  We’ve accepted the fact that we’re 50 year olds in 24 (or 23 in Nate’s case) year old bodies.

If anyone likes live jazz music and really great food, this is such a fun place to go.  It made my birthday tons of fun!!

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