On the First Day of Christmas…

December 6, 2012
Through the month of December, I’m doing a series focusing on the way other bloggers and myself celebrate the holidays.  I’m starting out today with one of my own favorite holiday traditions.  Enjoy!
Hunting for a tree is one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Christmas.  Walking up and down rows, running to the “perfect” one that’s a few yards away and realizing it’s not really perfect, trying to find a tree that’s just your height…  What could be better?  (Or is it just me that wants a tree her height?)

On this trip, Caitlin found the perfect tree…
It’s right there in the middle…  ;-)


We decided that maybe that tree wasn’t the perfect one after all…  After searching and rain and jokes and coffee we finally decided on The Tree.


Nate chopped it down…


We carried it home…  (Or to the truck…  One or the other)

And we spent the evening trimming the tree.
What are some of your favorite ways to get ready for the holidays?
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