The Day That True Love Died

March 29, 2013

good-friday-austria Good Friday I never know how to deal with today.  I think about the death of Christ – the pain, torture, and anguish that my Savior went through – and I am so heartbroken.  Why did our perfect God allow himself to go through the punishment that I deserved?  How am I freely justified when I haven’t done anything to deserve it? I’ll be going to the Good Friday service at church tonight. These services also cause such a struggle for me.  We talk about the death of Christ – his crucifixion – and we leave it at that.  Yearly, I want to stand up on the pew and scream out “That’s not all of the story!” at the end of the service.  I’m not comfortable leaving it there.  I need resolution.  I need the joy of Easter.  I need to remember that Christ didn’t stay dead.  Christ defeated death and rose.  He is seated at the right hand of the Father. This year, I believe I’ve realized the importance of the incompleteness I’m feeling.  Christ’s disciples were feeling incomplete when He died.  They didn’t understand He would be raised from the dead.  The women who followed Him were preparing spices to embalm Him.  My struggle is minute in relation to what they went through, those thousands of years ago.  Today is a reminder of what it is like to be without hope. Praise the Lord that I am not without hope!  I know Easter is coming!  Christ has risen!  He’s alive!

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