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How to Save on Wedding Clothes {Budget Wedding Week}

July 2, 2013

Two years ago I said “I Do” to my best friend in the whole wide world.  It’s been the best two years of my life and I am so blessed to be Nate’s wife and to have him as my husband.  Here’s to 78 more years of wedded bliss.  (Yes, we’re going to live until we’re 102…  And be healthy the whole time)  Happy Anniversary, Nate!  You’re the best husband a girl could want and I’d marry you all over again.  I like you and I love you!


Now enough of this mushiness, let’s get onto the next installment of Budget Wedding Week.

As I shared yesterday, We did not have a specific budget for our wedding (the less we spent the better) so it was my goal to create the day of my dreams for as cheaply as I could.  I researched, got help, took full advantage of sales and, at the end of the planning, realized the whole wedding had come to $3,500!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to share my budget wedding tips with friends and family to help them create amazing days for amazing prices!  I figured it wouldn’t be right of my to leave you all hanging.  I’m sure plenty of you would love knowing the tricks for weddings (or other events) of your own.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do this week!

The bride’s attire is not the only clothing that can be expensive.  The wedding party needs to look good too.  Whether or not you’re paying for your wedding party’s attire, it’s always nice to think about the budgets they might have.  Here’s how we did it.

The Wedding Party (And Groom)

The Groom:  As you can see, Nate was the only guy who wore a tux at our wedding.  To be honest, my frugal self didn’t think that a tux was a wise move but it’s what Nate wanted to wear so I quickly changed my tune and was all for him wearing a tux.  It was his wedding too and I wanted him to be wearing exactly what he wanted.  We searched around and discovered that for what we wanted Men’s Wearhouse had the best prices.  We rented his whole outfit for under $100.

The Bridesmaids:  I knew that my girls had a huge range of budgets, modesty levels, and comfort factor for their bridesmaids dresses.  Because of this, I wanted to be extremely lenient with them and let them get what they’d be comfortable with.  I picked out a color and length at David’s Bridal and told the girls to get whatever dress fit their budget and style.  The girls each picked a different dress and they ranged from $30-$130.  I felt at ease  because I knew that I wasn’t causing them to spend more than they could afford.  they knew their budgets and what they could afford spending.  Part of my bridesmaids gifts were their earrings and I had them wear black, open toed heels.  I love that they look like a unified group but also got to express their own personalities through their dress choices.

The Groomsmen:  We weren’t quite as lenient with the guys.  We asked them to have a white, long sleeved shirt (that we let them roll up when it ended up being really hot that day), black slacks, and black shoes.  Part of their groomsmen gifts were black suspenders and a black tie.  It was a super easy look and many of them didn’t have to go out any buy anything!

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