Budget Wedding Week – Let Them Eat Cake

July 3, 2013

As I’ve shared the past two days, Nate and I did not have a specific budget for our wedding (the less we spent the better) so it was my goal to create the day of my dreams for as cheaply as I could.  I researched, got help, took full advantage of sales and, at the end of the planning, realized the whole wedding had come to $3,500!

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to share my budget wedding tips with friends and family to help them create amazing days for amazing prices!  I figured it wouldn’t be right of my to leave you all hanging.  I’m sure plenty of you would love knowing the tricks for weddings (or other events) of your own.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do this week! A huge money guzzler in a wedding is the food!  We had somewhere between 250-300 people at our wedding so feeding them was going to be expensive!  We knew a meal was outside our budget so we opted to just have a dessert reception.  We had our wedding at two so it would not be at a meal time – people would have already had lunch and would get dinner after the wedding.  Here’s how we handled the food. Reception Food IMG_10560 (45)IMG_10560 (72)                                   Cake:  In my mind, a wedding is not complete without a cake (or some other sweet dessert).  A year (to the day) before our wedding (when we had been dating about three weeks) I was at my best friend’s wedding rehearsal and Nate was at a different friend’s wedding.  He texted me and told me that if we got married he wanted to have cheesecake at our wedding.  I don’t like cake very much so I happily agreed.  As we were planning our wedding, we knew we were going to have that cheesecake!  We figured we would buy some cheesecakes from Costco for the guests and purchase a small decorated cake for us for pictures and to cut in order to keep costs down.  (Wedding cakes are CRAZY expensive!)  I didn’t adore the idea because I really wanted a pretty cake but I knew we just couldn’t afford the kind of cake I wanted.  One night, two months before the wedding, I was talking with a woman at our church about wedding planning and told her how we were handling the cake situation.  I knew she was a caterer but what I didn’t know was that she also made wedding cakes.  She asked if it would be ok with me if, instead of buying us a wedding present, she made us a cake!  I was shocked and blessed and so incredibly thankful!   I gave her free reign to what she wanted to do with our cake (after telling her that we wanted cheesecake) and was shocked out of my mind when, on the day of the wedding, I saw this gorgeous, five-tiered, flower covered wedding present! Drinks:  Nate and I didn’t even get a chance to consider whether or not we’d have alcohol at our wedding since the church in which we were married required that we didn’t.  We were more than ok with that since we didn’t really want to fork over big bucks just so people could have a drink or two.  Instead, we served punch, coffee, and tea and I think everyone was happy with the choices.  If they weren’t, they sure didn’t tell me.  🙂 Other Food:  On every table at the reception we had two bowls of little munchies.  One of the bowls had adorable little mints molded like bells and flowers that my “baby” sister, Leah, and my mom made.  The other had mini chocolate bars.  While people were waiting for the festivities to begin, they got to get sugar highs!  That might be what encouraged people to get out on the dance floor. I felt like our food selection was simple but REALLY good.  If you’re going to do something like this, make sure your wedding and reception is not during a meal time – that way your guests aren’t coming hungry!  We also included on our invitations that it would only be a dessert reception, just so there was no mistake that we wouldn’t have a whole lot of food! Check out one of my favorite bloggers:

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