Going to the Chapel… Or Are We?

July 24, 2013

Last weekend was an absolute blast!  There’s really nothing better than spending the weekend at the coast with loved ones to witness your brother’s marriage! My brother Aaron and his WIFE Katie were so simple when it came to wedding planning.  All they wanted was to spend the weekend with family and get married on the beach.  That’s just what we did. My parents rented a HUGE mansion of a beach house with three floors and heaven knows how many rooms.  We slept 27 people there with room to spare…  At least I think it was 27…  Let’s see… 2 Parents
2 Grandparents
1 Great-Aunt
1 Uncle
3 Aunts
11 Siblings
2 Siblings-In-Law
1 Sibling’s Boyfriend
3 Cousins
1 Cousin-in-Law
And a partridge in a pear tree… Yep – 27 people and that elusive partridge. Games Collage We had such a blast spending Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday morning hanging out, catching up with one another, playing games, and walking on the WINDY beach.  Since my siblings are moving far and wide it was so wonderful to get a chance to reconnect with each of them and see extended family on top of that! Beach Collage For those of you who don’t know much about the Oregon coast, just know that it’s really not an ocean you want to go swimming in.  It is absolutely freezing year round.  Add to that all the wind and you could really just die of hypothermia.  Does that stop some of my crazy siblings?  Of course not!  Dinah and Leah came to the beach in the swimsuits – determined that they would go swimming!  They stepped two and a half toes in the water and realized how dumb of an idea that truly was.  Now, my dad knows how to bribe the little ones.  He told them both that he’d give them five dollars if they dove head first into a wave.  Yes, they both took him up on the deal. Swimming Collage Katie and Aaron decided not to have a wedding rehearsal.  (Yeah, that’s how laid back they were)  In fact we didn’t even know what time the wedding would be until the Saturday morning because there was a parade in town that was blocking some of the roads.  They did want a “rehearsal” dinner on Friday night, though, where Katie’s family and Aaron’s family could all get together and share some tasty homemade Chinese food.  (Remember how we grew up in Taiwan?)  All together we ended up having over 50 people at the beach mansion for the dinner.  It was such a blast! Rehearsal Dinner Collage Saturday finally rolled around and we got to have a quiet morning enjoying each other and getting ready.  At around noon we all headed to the beach to a knoll Katie had chosen (where the wind was blocked) overlooking the beach.  We all stood around and Katie and her dad arrived.  It was such a beautiful, short ceremony surrounded by family – exactly what the two of them had wanted. Wedding Collage It was so special to get to see Katie’s dad (a pastor) marry his precious daughter to my brother. LoveBirds CollageWedding People Collage After the ceremony, we all drove into town to a little church where they had rented their fellowship hall for the reception.  Once again, it was a simple affair – all the intent focused on enjoying one another and celebrating Aaron and Katie’s special day. Reception Collage Sunday, my family (minus Aaron and Katie, obviously) drove up the coast to Seaside and Cannon Beach to enjoy time together.  It was the perfect way to end such a special weekend.  I really didn’t want it to end!  I’m so exited to see where the Lord takes Aaron and Katie as they serve Him and seek His will together.  Welcome to the family, Katie, sorry you had to get ALL of us when you married Aaron. Check out one of my favorite bloggers:

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