Adoption Q+A

August 7, 2013

After I finished the last installment of my family’s adoption story, I opened up the floor for you to ask me any questions you have.  Those of you who asked questions really asked some great ones!  Hope you enjoy the answers!  (If you missed the adoption story, here are parts one, two, three, and four)   Do you have current (group or otherwise) photos of everyone to share? I’d love to see you all now!
Ashley A:  Unfortunately, we haven’t all been at the same place at the same time for about three years so I don’t have an up to date group picture of all of us.  Here’s a collage of recent pictures of all of us, though. family picture   You grew up in a really big family. Does that make you want to have a lot of kids, or would you prefer a smaller amount of kiddos? 
Chelsea (and Betty and Danavee) A:  Nate and I want four kids.  To me, that is a small family but I know that to everyone else that’s a fairly large family.  So…  You decide if I want a small or large family.  😉   Does your family change all of your siblings names from their original names, or do they try and keep their names?
Sam A:  We adopted Rebekah while we were living in Taiwan.  Since we all had Chinese names, we decided to give her an American name, that way she’d be just like us – an American name and a Chinese name.  Her middle name, Lee, came from her Chinese birth name – Lee Bo.  As we adopted all the other kids, they all got American names and their birth names were kept as their middle names.  My parents have always told them that they are more than welcome to go by their middle names (aka: their birth names) if they choose.  So far, none of them have chosen that.   Do you plan on working with adoption agencies one day or with Ethiopia or plan on adopting children?
Tiarenie A:  I have a huge passion for Africa and could definitely see me working with an adoption agency, orphanage, humanitarian aid organization, or something like that.  I don’t know where god will lead me but I do think I will be doing something with African children.  As to whether we will adopt…  I honestly don’t know.  We’ve talked about it but haven’t reached any sort of conclusion.  Adoption is HARD and I’ve been a first hand witness to both the very good and the very bad when it comes to adoption.  I (selfishly) don’t know if I would be able to give up so much of myself to adopt – especially an older child.  I think that if we did choose to adopt, we would adopt a younger child.

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