No-Reply Bloggers {WordPress and Google +}

August 6, 2013

It breaks my heart to no end when I get comments from no-reply bloggers.  I love connecting with readers and always try to respond to comments if I can.  Of course, by now, we’ve all read the “how to not be a no-reply blogger” posts that hundreds (if not thousands) of bloggers have written.  A simple solution for those Blogger bloggers who come up as no-reply bloggers.  (How many times can YOU put the word “blogger” in a sentence?)  The thing is, now most of my no-reply bloggers are not simply Blogger bloggers who haven’t read a post like that – they’re typically either WordPress bloggers or bloggers who have their blogs linked up with Google +.  After some research, I found the solution for these problems and I’d love to share them with you.


First, just in case you are a new Blogger blogger who hasn’t read one of the no-reply blogger posts, let me recap how you change your status.  When you’re on your blogger dashboard find the drop down menu in the top right corner.  (It’s the little tab with your picture and your name and a little down pointing arrow)  From there, click on “Blogger Profile.”  On the right hand side of the page that shows up click on the button that says “Edit Profile.”  Near the top of that page it says “Privacy.”  Underneath that there will be an option that says “show my email address.”  Select that box, click “Save Profile,” and you’re good to go!!!  If you need the visual for doing this, check out this blog post!

Google +

Now, if your blog is hooked up to your Google + profile you’ve probably discovered that you’re not getting replies to your comments either.  Yep, hooking up with Google + automatically took away your privileges of not being a no-reply blogger.  Thankfully, you can change that and still stay connected to Google +!  On your blogger dashboard find the little wheel thing on the right side of the page and click on it.  On the drop down menu that shows up, click “Revert to Blogger Profile.”  An option of what Blogger profile you want to switch to will show up and you’ll click on “Switch to limited Blogger profile.”  Now you’ll have to chose a display name – the name you want to show up when you comment.  Click “Continue to Blogger.”  From here, do the same steps you would if you were simply becoming a no-reply blogger without being connected to Google +.  Once all that is done, go back to your blogger profile and click on the little wheel thing again.  Click on “Connect to Google +” and follow the steps from there!  If you’d like a visual display for how to do this, head over to this post!

WordPress (Or other non-Blogger blogs)

Now for WordPress (or any other blog that’s not Blogger).  It seems at first glance that you’re out of luck.  There’s no way of changing your no-reply blogger status without building a whole Blogger blog.  That’s not true!  I figured out a way that will allow you to have a blogger profile that leads to your WordPress blog without having to create a whole Blogger blog.  Sure, you have to give in to the man (Google) a little bit – but you don’t need to start up a whole new blog.  Since I didn’t find any post explaining this way of doing it, I’m going to give you a visual here on my blog!

Firstly, you do need a gmail email address.  You can easily make one up and then never use it again.  It doesn’t have to be the address used as your non no-reply blogger email address.  You just have to have one so that you can create a blogger profile.  So, step one is just to sign in to Blogger.

Screenshot (70)

A page will pop up and you just need to chose to create a limited Blogger profile.

Screenshot (51)

From there, you enter in a Display Name and click “Continue to Blogger.”

Screenshot (52)

Now that you’re on your new Blogger dashboard, click on “New Blog” to the left.

Screenshot (54)

Now you need to title your blog and give it a web address.  This can be any sort of silly title and address because no one will be seeing it.  Be creative!

Screenshot (55)

Now that you’ve created a “blog” (that you’re never going to use!) click on the little shadow person next to your name in the upper right corner.  Once you’ve opened the drop down menu click “Blogger profile.”  This is where the magic is going to happen!

Screenshot (56)

Now you’re on your blogger profile which is what will be seen, connecting readers to your WordPress blog.  See how, right now, it’s showing my fake Blogger blog, “Test Blog”?  We’ll take care of that.  Click on “Edit Profile.”

Screenshot (58)

Ok, first thing you’re going to want to do here is check the box next to “Show my email address.”  Next, if you’re not wanting to be contact through the gmail email address you used to form your account, change the email address to the one you do want used.  Once those two things are done, click “Select blogs to display.”  This is what is going to take your fake Blogger blog off your profile.

Screenshot (59)

Uncheck your fake Blogger blog (remember, mine’s the one called “Test Blog”), click “Save Settings,” and then click “Back to Edit Profile.”  Now you’re so close to being done!!!

Screenshot (64)

Once you’re back on the Edit Profile page, I would suggest uploading a picture so that your profile is more personable.  To keep in line with good branding, I would suggest uploading the same picture that you have on your WordPress blog.

Screenshot (61)

At this point, you’re going to add your WordPress URL!  Yay!!!  Under “General” there is a “Homepage URL” section.  Enter your WordPress blog URL there!

Screenshot (62)

Personally, I would also add a little blurb in the “Introduction” section just letting the visitor know the name of my blog and the URL.  It never hurts to have the URL of your blog two places, just to make sure the visitor can find it!

Screenshot (67)

Now, all you need to do is scroll down and click orange “Save Profile.”  That’ll jump you back up to the top of the page, letting you know all the changes have been saved.  To check out that all the changes were made correctly, click on “View Updated Profile”

Screenshot (68)

If everything was done correctly, your updated profile should pop up!  Yay!!!  As you can see, on the left you have you picture, a link that says “email” and a link that says “my web page.”  If any of them are missing, you did something wrong.  Go back through and make sure you did all the steps.  If all those are there then you finally are not a no-reply blogger!!!!

Screenshot (69)

Yay!  Good job!  Congratulations!!  Now, when you comment on Blogger blogs, just make sure you use your gmail account (even if it’s not the email you are expecting to get replies through).  You won’t be a no-reply blogger and the blogging world is going to open up so much for you!  I’m excited that I’ll finally be able to email you back!!!

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