A Weekend in Bend

September 17, 2013

I am so thankful that this past weekend Nate and I were able to get out of Portland and go explore somewhere new.  We totally wish we could travel the world but, since we can’t, we settled on driving to Bend, Oregon and exploring there.  One of Nate’s coworkers who often reads my blog (hi Scott!) had told us that he’d come along to photo stalk us for the blog but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to make it so you’re going to have to put up with my pictures.  😉 Bend 1 It was so wonderful to spend time with just Nate before this semester picks up and I become a seminary widow again.  Bend is well known for the fact that they have the most breweries per capita in Oregon (and I’ve heard also in the US).  Since Nate’s recently picked up home brewing, it was fun to spend some time in a few breweries learning all sorts of things!  We even got to tour the Deschutes Brewery and, even though I’m definitely not one who enjoys very many varieties of beer, I loved learning all about the science and thought behind brewing.  (Yeah, I may be a little bit of a nerd) Bend 2 Saturday afternoon, Nate and I were sweating up a storm so we decided we wanted to do something water related.  We headed down to the rental shop and decided on some paddle boards.  Now you guys, I’m pretty much a major klutz with some huge balance problems and I didn’t fall off at all!!!  I was totally proud of myself.  It was quite a workout to try to stay balanced while paddling but we did it – and enjoyed it too!  😉 Bend 3 It was so fun to stay in an awesome bed and breakfast (with AMAZING breakfast food!) with a hot tub to enjoy.  On Sunday morning, after the fabulous breakfast our bed and breakfast supplied, Nate and I decided we just wanted to spend some time relaxing.  The day before I had seen a cute little coffee shop so we decided to go there to relax and read.  Low and behold, the coffee shop had a HUGE backyard with lounge furniture overlooking the waterfront.  We spent a few hours there, marveling in creation, enjoying one another, reading our books, and definitely not people watching/eaves dropping. Bend 4 Since we had to head back Sunday afternoon, we spent the rest of the day hiking through the hills outside of Bend.  It was hot, dusty, and definitely worth it! Bend 6 Such an amazing weekend and it was more than a bummer to have to come back to rainy, windy Portland.  We need to more to the other side of the mountains! Check out my blogging “Little Sister”:

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