25 Ways to Express Thankfulness This Season

November 12, 2013

November is well underway and we all know that this month is all about thankfulness.  With Thanksgiving coming, we are bombarded with tweets, facebook updates, and blog posts about what our friends are thankful for. As I have been reading through them and coming up with my own list of things for which I’m thankful, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m doing an adequate job showing my thankfulness.  Sure, I’m thankful for Nate but am I showing him?  I’m thankful that mail gets delivered right to my house instead of having to go pick it up at a post office but do I show the mailman how thankful I am for him?  The list goes on and on. I would like to pose a challenge – both for myself and for you all – that we figure out ways to truly show our thankfulness.  Here are a few ideas to get you started. 25 Ways to Express Thankfulness This Season 1.  Allow your husband to pick the evening’s activities
2.  Give your favorite barista a gift card (NOT to a coffee shop!)
3.  Leave a thank you note and some cookies in your mailbox for the mailman
4.  Take your parents out to dinner
5.  Babysit for some good friends
6.  Write a note of appreciation to your boss
7.  Run some brownies out to your garbage collectors as they’re picking the garbage up
8.  Tell your pastor some of the great things you’ve learned from his sermons recently
9.  Get your nieces and nephews a special treat
10.  Give your kids teachers flowers and chocolate with a special thank you note
11.  Sit with your grandparents and spend time asking them to tell you about their childhoods
12.  Plan a sibling day with your brothers and/or sisters
13.  Include a gift card with your rent check this year for your landlords
14.  Surprise your best friend with her favorite coffee
15.  Write a list of 100 reasons you appreciate your boyfriend (and give it to him!)
16.  Plan special dates with each of your kids
17.  Bring some *healthy* treats to share with the employees at the gym
18.  Leave an extra big tip for your favorite waitress
19.  Invite your neighbors over for dinner
20.  Bring cookies when you go to your doctor/dentist/chiropractor/etc for the whole office
21.  Tell your favorite cashier at the grocery store what you appreciate about her
22.  Bring treats in for your coworkers
23.  Pay your babysitter a little extra for the night
24.  Ask the bus driver his favorite soda and then bring it to him the next day
25.  Offer to lead Bible Study one night/morning so the regular leader can have the day off Now it’s your turn.  What are some practical ways you can express your thankfulness?

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