Do I Really Deserve it?

November 6, 2013

keep-calm-you-deserve-it-1 I keep hearing this phrase everywhere I look – “You deserve it!” – and honestly, it’s wearing me out.  On billboards, commercials, conversations with friends – consistently the same. “You deserve that brand new car.” “You deserve to relax.” “You deserve an ice cream.” “You deserve to be happy.” STOP!  Just stop! Do any of us DESERVE any of those things?  I think not.  What makes me any more deserving of a new car when the person down the street can’t afford one?  Why do you deserve a vacation when I haven’t been able to get extended time off work this year?  Why does my blog deserve to gain tons of followers when someone working just as hard at blogging is growing at a snail’s pace? I don’t deserve any of those things…  And neither do you.  Sorry to burst your bubble. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those aren’t wonderful things.  They are!  So many of us are incredibly blessed with amazing experiences, objects, and relationships.  We shouldn’t feel guilty about our blessings – we should be incredibly thankful for them!  At the same time, we also should never feel as though we have these blessings because we deserve them. Think about it – are the people who don’t have what you have not deserving of it?  Of course not!  That’s not the way life works. Even if we work our butts off, that doesn’t mean we deserve something. I mean, really, let’s say both you and I decide to open up Etsy stores.  We both toil over creating product, advertising, and promoting.  Let’s say my store absolutely flops and yours takes off.  Did you deserve it while I didn’t???  Of course not.  That’s just the way life works. I want to challenge each of us to get out from under the mindset of deserving things.  Let’s be thankful for the blessings we receive, work hard for things we want, and help others reach their goals as well. I mean, after all, that really is all that we deserve.  😉 Picture Source

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