I Can't Wait to Quit My Job

November 19, 2013


I guess the title of this post is a little misleading.

To be honest, I enjoy my job.  I don’t dread getting up for work in the morning (I had my share of doing THAT for over a year!).  I’m thankful I have a job, that I enjoy my coworkers, and that I get to interact with all kinds of people who come in to see the doctors.

I’m not quitting anytime soon.
(If any of my coworkers are reading this, I’m sure they’re breathing a sigh of relief.  Sorry to give you a heart attack, girls!)

The thing is, my job is not my passion.  I don’t know how people do it, living from weekend to weekend, living to work and not working to live.  It really seems like it works for people and that sort of life fulfills them.  Maybe the work they do IS their passion.  That’s not me.

I had coffee last week with a dear friend and she and I were discussing our jobs.  We both were saying how all we want to do is be stay at home wives (since neither of us have kids) and how horrible we feel admitting that.  That sounds lazy and selfish.

As we talked, though, we realized that it’s not sitting at home eating bonbons that we’re longing for.  We long for purpose and we don’t find that in our current jobs.  We find value in things outside our jobs.

We find value in being wives, keeping our homes clean and preparing food for our families – not because it’s “the woman’s job” but because it brings us joy. 

We find value in hospitality.  We love opening our homes to friends, family, and acquaintances and sharing our lives with others. 

We find value in creating with our hands.  Time spent on crocheting a scarf, sewing a blanket, or painting a picture is never wasted. 

We find value in raising our future children to love the Lord, be good citizens, and discover passions of their own. 

We find value in ministry – whether it’s volunteer or paid.  We long to love on and serve the church – showing others the love of our Savior.

Yes, I’m thankful for the job I have.  I’m blessed to be making money to be able to help pay for Nate’s schooling.   I’m grateful for the fun relationships I have with my coworkers.

This is not is for me, though.  God has so much more in store for my life.  I will not be someone who works weekend to weekend, only enjoying life on my days off.

I don’t know what it’s going to look like but I know I am being molded by God to be used in amazing ways!  And, while I’m waiting, I will seize life now and live it up – knowing that each day is a gift from God!

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