Does That Tree Come in a Size Small?

December 9, 2013

This weekend was wonderful and so filled with holiday cheer.  I felt blessed to spend time with friends celebrating the season! First things first, though, I have a little complaining to do. Friday morning, as I was getting ready, I got a text from Nate saying “Portland drivers are horrible in the snow.”  I got so excited that it had snowed, quickly went outside and was greeted by this… DSC00274 That, my friends, is NOT snow!  That’s not enough to EVER cause people to be bad drivers.  Nevertheless, I left for work early, knowing my drive would be longer.  It was a horrible drive.  The freeway looked like this… DSC00290 Yes, this girl who learned to drive in Spokane and took her driver’s test in a foot of snow did not know what to do with these Portland drivers.  I may or may not have yelled at scolded a few drivers who were being very unsafe and others who were being way too cautious. By the time I got to work, it looked more like this… DSC00294 I’d say that’s more like snow than it had been earlier in the morning but still… Ok, complaining done. Saturday was a wonderful day!  I got to attend a fabulous Christmas brunch hosted by my church.  It was a wonderful time to enjoy the company of other women, eat incredible food, and hear truth from the Lord. DSC00295 That evening was Nate’s work’s Christmas party.  We had a few of his coworkers and their wives/girlfriends over to our place beforehand for a little pregame.  It was fun getting to know some of the guys he works with better and enjoy time with their women.  The party was overwhelming but fun and there was some wonderful food.  Also, I found out that party planning committees are real things.  They weren’t just made up by The Office.  I’m going into work today and I’m telling the Doctor I work for that I’m not official starting a party planning committee and that I need a budget…  Let’s see how he feels about that.  Haha. Sunday started out with a wonderful morning at church.  I feel so blessed that we have built such wonderful relationships with people we attend church with! Later that afternoon Nate’s sister, Caitlin, came with us to get our CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!  I LOVE Christmas tree hunting! DSC00300 The day was absolutely frigid but gorgeous.  The lighting when we arrived at the farm was perfect.  It just made me wish we were there with a real time photographer who could have done the light justice. DSC00302 When we went to get the tag for our tree we were told that Nobel Trees were $30 while Douglas Firs were $15.  Of course we went for the cheaper trees.  We soon found out why they were so much cheaper… DSC00304 Every Douglas Fir was about ten feet tall!!!  They were trying to clear out their lots.  Hey, we’re game for cutting a ten foot (or taller) tree down to a useable size if that means it’s half price! DSC00305DSC00315 DSC00309DSC00310 We finally settled on a tree that we loved and Nate set to work cutting it down.  He started sawing about three feet up – adding another half tree to many others that were scattered across the lot. DSC00319DSC00323DSC00325DSC00330 DSC00327 If you’ve never tried cutting down a super tall, super old tree with a pathetic saw you’re lucky.  Nate was having a nearly impossible time to I helped by pushing on the tree.  (And being a cheerleader, of course!) DSC00331DSC00333 Finally the tree was down and Nate counted the rings to see how old our tree was.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what he found out.  I was too cold to listen at that point.  Haha. DSC00334 We took our beautiful, BIG tree home and got it decorated all pretty.  I adore Christmas!!!! DSC00340DSC00346

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