Work My Closet: 50 Shades of Grey

January 15, 2014

Black Vest with Red SweaterSweater: Target // Vest: Clothing Exchange // Pants: H&M
Boots: Bamboo // Necklace: Unknown
Ok, ladies…  Each and every one of you just needs to stop.  Seriously!  Some of you need to stop talking about all the gorgeous snow you’re getting.  You need to stop talking about how the blizzards snowed you in and you got to spend a glorious day (or more) keeping an eye on the beautiful snow pile up while cuddled up with your hubby, watching Netflix. The rest of you need to stop talking about the warm weather you’re enjoying.  You need to stop posting pictures of yourself at the beach, in shorts, or doing ANYTHING out in the sunshine. See…  I’m here in Portland.  I’m here in the grey, the damp, the cold.  I’m here in the constant rain.  It’s dreary, gloomy, and bleh. Yes, I know, many of you aren’t happy with the weather you’re stuck in either.  Some of you don’t want to be having snow days.  Some of you would love to have a real winter.  I think you’re all crazy for feeling that way but I’ll accept that it’s the way you feel. I have a solution.  Let’s all have one giant house swap!  You know how on The Holiday the women switch houses and lives??  What if we all did that and got to enjoy weather we aren’t stuck in day in and day out??? Oh, if only…

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