Work My Closet: Chiropractor Conundrum

January 8, 2014

Teal Sweater

Cardigan: Target // Sweater: Thrift Store // Jeans: H + M
Shoes : Bobs by Sketchers // Necklace: Target

I have horrible, chronic back pain.  I know others have it so much worse and I am blessed that my pain is not debilitating but it still is so hard.  For about a year I visited a chiropractor and wasn’t really seeing results (and just really didn’t click with the chiropractor)….  so I quit going.  It’s been a year since I stopped seeing him.
Through the course of the year my back has been a constant struggle.  Whenever I’m home, sitting on the couch, I have a heating pad on my back.  Nate has to give me massages all the time (which I definitely don’t mind).  And, to tell you the truth, I’m never without pain.
Since this is my year of being intentional, one of my first steps was to find another chiropractor (one with great reviews) and give it another go.  Katie really lit a fire under me when she wrote this post.  If a chiropractor could do her that much good, I’m sure I could find one who could help me too!  A few nights ago I headed there after work, not really feeling as though he’d be able to do much.  I was so wrong.
This chiropractor actually listened to me!  I explained exactly what I was feeling in my back, he asked clarifying questions, and we discussed what the other chiropractor had done that hadn’t worked.
Then this chiropractor examined me.  Initially he had me stand in front of him so he could look to see if anything in my back looked out of line.  At first he said everything looked how it should…
Then he examined my lower back…  To my surprise, he immediately told me that my PELVIS IS TILTED!  Since he then knew what he was looking for, he examined my back in more depth and found the spot on my upper back where it’s curved, compensating for the tilted pelvis, allowing my shoulders to still be straight.  And, wouldn’t you know, the spot he found on my upper back is exactly where the majority of the pain is!
In ONE appointment he found the problem that the other chiropractor didn’t find for a whole year!!
Now we have a game plan to get me better.  Through adjustments, he can get my pelvis (and, therefore, my back) back where it’s supposed to be.
I’m SO EXCITED to be seeing this doctor and already feeling results from the very first adjustment he did.  I feel so blessed by those (especially Nate) who encouraged me to give it another go.  I’m so thankful to the Lord that he’s given wisdom to doctors to help heal.
I have hope that my back pain may someday be a thing of the past – a hope I haven’t had in a very long time.
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