25 Spring Date Ideas

March 24, 2014

Spring – a time for fun , sunshine, and – of course – being twitterpated.  (Bambi, anyone?)  After a cold, harsh winter it’s definitely time to get out and enjoy time with your loved ones.  In search of something to do?  Here are 25 Spring date ideas to rekindle your love and devotion to one another.

25 Spring Date Ideas

1.  Go for a Bike Ride
2.  Take a Hike
3.  Have a Picnic in the Park
4.  Go to a Flower Festival
5.  Take a Scenic Drive
6.  Visit a Farmer’s Market
7.  Go to a Drive in Movie
8.  Have a Bonfire
9.  Go Camping
10.  Eat on the Patio of Your Favorite Restaurant
11.  Go to a Baseball Game
12.  Attend an Outdoor Play
13.  Visit the Zoo
14.  Go Wine Tasting at a Local Winery
15.  Enjoy a Day at a Theme Park
16.  Take a Class to Learn Something New
17.  Start a Garden
18.  Play at the Park
19.  Take a Walk on the Beach
20.  Dance in the Rain
21.  Try Your Hand at Geocaching
22.  Volunteer to Clean up a Highway
23.  Go on a Walking Tour of Your City
24.  Have a Barbeque
25.  Visit a Bed and Breakfast

Now it’s your turn:  What’s a Spring Date YOU enjoy?

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