Work My Closet – Thank Goodness for Locks

March 3, 2014

Flowey Shirt with JeansTop : Target // Jeans: H + M
Boots: Bamboo Brand // Earrings: Purchased in Ethiopia
I haven’t been sleeping well recently.  The past week or so I’ve been waking up at about four and only being able to doze until my alarm goes off.  It’s been dumb but it’s life… Friday morning I woke up at about five.  I laid there frustrated, dozing in and out of sleep, trying to get myself to get back to dreamland.  All of a sudden I was wide awake!  Our bedroom door was open and our room is very near the main door.  I hear someone vigorously turn our front door handle, trying to get in.  (Obviously the door was locked so (s)he couldn’t.) You better believe I was terrified.  I was afraid the person was going to break a window or something to get in.  After a few minutes I woke Nate up and let him know what had happened. As we think about it, we’ve decided the most logical (and least scary) answer is that one of our neighbors was coming home from working a graveyard shift and had walked up to the wrong apartment… All I really have to say, though, is praise the Lord for door locks!

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