This One's Really Late

June 23, 2014

DSC0071110 Weeks Pregnant (In Washington DC!) As of today, I’m 18 weeks pregnant – a full month into my second trimester.  Even so, I want to record for myself (and for those of you interested) how my first trimester went.  (There’s some bodily function TMI in this post…  You’ve been warned) Firstly, I have a little addendum to make on the post I recently wrote about how we found out I was pregnant.  I said that I didn’t really have many symptoms that caused me to believe I was pregnant but, the more I thought about, the more I remembered symptoms I did have.  Like I said in that post – I was breaking out like crazy, especially on the sides of my nose, a place that, even in middle school, I had never had acne before.  What I had forgotten was that about four days before I took the pregnancy test I thought I had started my period.  I was doing an exercise DVD and paused it to “use the restroom” (aka: take a break cause I was tired) and I had a little spotting going on.  I went out of the bathroom, really bummed out that it was yet another month that I hadn’t gotten pregnant.  After I told Nate I wasn’t pregnant, I held back tears as I finished working out.  Come to find out, the spotting never turned into my period and was instead implantation bleeding.  In addition to those symptoms, my sense of smell went crazy!  The weekend before finding out I was pregnant, I was walking through Costco and could smell EVERYTHING to the max.  It was insane!  (Thankfully that crazy sense of smell didn’t stay too long) Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I can let you all know how the first trimester went.  Let me just say that I feel incredibly blessed with how easy I had it.  I truly feel for those of you who had rough first trimesters. +  I didn’t have any morning sickness!!!  I feel so fortunate that my stomach cooperated with me so well and that the baby didn’t decide (s)he wanted to make me miserable.  That being said, I did get sick (thankfully, without throwing up) twice.  I got carsick when we were visiting Nate’s parent’s at 6 weeks and then got seasick on the ferry out to Liberty Island and Ellis Island during our NYC trip at 10 weeks.  I certainly feel deeply for you girls who deal with nausea throughout your pregnancies because those two times were miserable! +  At six weeks I got unbelievably exhausted.  Honestly, I never truly got it when pregnant women said they were tired.  My mindset always was that they should go take a nap and they’ll feel better.  Take it from me, that’s NOT the case.  I would sleep from 9-7 every night and I still fell asleep at work once and often dozed after getting home from work.  This exhaustion was no joke.  It’s like nothing I’d ever experienced before.  It takes over your entire body and doesn’t let go.  I’m sosososo thankful that the exhaustion ended at 9 1/2 weeks, right as we were leaving for our big trip.  I don’t know what I would have done if we were travelling and I felt that tired. +  At seven weeks I had some bleeding.  Let me tell you, it was the most terrifying thing.  It happened in the morning before going in to work and I called my (at the time) midwife group.  Their office said that based on my symptoms it didn’t seem like it was the beginning of a miscarriage but to keep an eye on it and give them a call if it got worse.  Later that day it did get a little worse so I immediately left my desk in the hands of one of my coworkers and called my (at the time) midwife group again.  Once again they said it didn’t sound like an early miscarriage and gave me a more in depth list of things to look out for.  I had my 8 week appointment scheduled for less than a week later and they said there wasn’t really anything they could do before then so we’d find out at the 8 week ultrasound what was going on with the baby.  Praise the Lord, that was the end of the bleeding and at the ultrasound everything was perfectly fine. +  Instead of nausea, I was HUNGRY!  At my 8 week appointment I found out that I had gained 4 pounds.  You’re not supposed to gain weight in the first trimester so I was a little concerned that I had already gained 4 pounds.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re super super hungry and too exhausted to exercise at all.  (Thankfully, I had only gained one more pound at my 12 week appointment and hadn’t gained any more weight at my 16 week appointment so I’m only five pounds up at this point)  My hunger got to its worst point while on our trip in DC and NYC.  I carried granola bars with me the whole time but, even so, I got overly hungry far too often.  I’ve always dealt with being a brat while being hungry but I guess it’s a million times worse now that I’m pregnant.  I had to apologize to Nate many times for being a brat while we were looking for places to eat.  What was even worse was that my hunger would come on with no warning.  One minute I’d be fine and the next I’d be starving.  Craziness. All in all, I’d say I enjoy being pregnant!  I’m so thankful to the Lord for our little one and can’t wait to hold him/her in my arms! On July 2nd (OUR 3RD ANNIVERSARY!!!) we find out the baby’s gender!  We’re totally pumped and can’t wait to get to know our little one just a little bit better! 10 Weeks Collage

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