Baby K is a…

July 15, 2014

Of course, the day I promise to post the gender reveal my internet decides to go capoot.  Thank you Comcast for not telling us that our router was out of date.  #imnotreallythankingyou  Lucky for you all (since I know you’re all waiting with baited breath), I was able to write this post offline and then use my phone as a hotspot in order to schedule it.  You’re welcome. ——– DSC00958 BOY! I’d like for you all to meet my SON – Caleb Russell Kellogg. The Ultrasound: Goodness, you guys, we are going to have our hands full with this little guy.  We were in the ultrasound room about an hour longer than normal during his anatomy scan.  We were able to find out the gender easily enough (our son is NOT shy!) but Caleb did everything except cooperate during the rest of the ultrasound.  He was standing on his head, hiding behind every organ he possibly could, and moving around like crazy.  Every time the ultrasound technician thought she would be able to take the measurement she needed, he’d move that body part away.  He got himself into crazy positions so different body parts (the ones she needed) were hidden.  It reached the point where the ultrasound technician had me use the bathroom in hopes that my empty bladder would coerce him into a different position.  (Thankfully, it did)  My son was being a little punk. I have to tell you all, I didn’t mind it one bit.  I loved having the extra time to watch my baby.  I got to see him wiggling around and I even saw and felt him kick at the same time.  It was such a special time to bond with my little one.  I also loved seeing Nate watch Caleb wiggling around.  At that point Nate hadn’t felt Caleb move yet and I think seeing how active he was really showed Nate why I sometimes complained about our little mover and shaker being a bit too wiggly.  It was amazing seeing this little person inside me and realizing even more that he is mine! The Name: Before going into the ultrasound Nate and I had decided on both a girl name and a boy name.  We were so excited to get to start calling our kiddo by name and were pumped to “introduce” our kiddo to our family!  We picked the name Caleb because, firstly, it’s the name Nate’s wanted for a son for as long as he can remember (isn’t that sweet???).  We also love the biblical character of Caleb and would love to instill his characteristics into our son from day one.  Russell is Nate’s middle name and we figure the oldest boy should definitely be named after his daddy!  From July 2nd on, it’s been wonderful to be able to call our little man “he” and “Caleb” and have a little more of an idea of who he is.  We are SO excited to meet him!  As of yesterday we’re 21 weeks down and 19(ish) to go!  These 19 weeks can’t come fast enough!

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