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July 29, 2014

20 Weeks Time for another bump update!  As of yesterday I’m 23 weeks along and I can’t believe we’re already over halfway there.  This pregnancy has flown by!  (I’m sure it will stop flying by come November, of course)  The past few weeks have been so different than my first trimester and it’s been so fun to experience another side of pregnancy. +  I felt Caleb move at about 14 1/2 weeks.  I was in the bathtub relaxing and all of a sudden I felt a little flutter in my stomach.  A few days later I felt it again and, at the next appointment with my midwife, she said she was pretty sure what I was feeling was him.  At about 16 weeks I began to feel him ALL THE TIME!  He wiggles day and night.  It’s so fun to feel him and to get to know his little personality a little bit.  It’s crazy but he HATES things being on my stomach.  If I’m resting my computer or a mug on my stomach he’ll kick at it until it’s taken away.  He’s even started kicking if my seatbelt is a little tight. +  At 17 weeks I took a road trip out to Boise, Idaho to visit my best friend, her husband, and their (at the time) five week old little girl.  It was so fun to catch up with her and love on her baby.  One of the best parts of the visit, though, was to really experience the fact that Caleb could hear.  Every time little Gracie would cry Caleb would start wiggling around.  He did not like his friend crying!  The next time sound really affected him was on the 4th of July.  When the fireworks started the noise woke him up and he wasn’t a fan.  The whole 20 minutes of the fireworks show he was doing summersaults in my belly. +  At 19 1/2 weeks, on our anniversary, Nate and I went in to find out the gender!  (We’re having a BOY!)  It was so fun to get to see him wiggling around in there and try to guess which of our features he has.  We’re so thankful that he’s healthy and doing well and growing like crazy! +  At 20 weeks, Nate and I went up to Spokane to visit my family and it was HOT!  I probably wasn’t drinking enough water and I definitely was on my feet a ton.  At the end of the weekend my ankles were swollen like crazy!  I was shocked that my ankles could get that big.  After getting back, putting my feet up, and drinking tons of water, my ankles got back down to mostly their normal size.  And no, I don’t have any pictures of my swollen ankles.  #youreverywelcome +  Just a few days after getting back from Spokane, Nate FINALLY got to feel Caleb move.  It had seemed as though he should have been able to feel him for about two weeks but every time Caleb started wiggling and I had Nate put his hand on my stomach, our little stinker would stop moving.  It was ridiculous!  Finally, one night while getting to bed (at about 1 in the morning since Nate had to work LATE), Caleb started kicking around and didn’t stop when Nate put his hand on my stomach.  It was such a special time for Nate to get “introduced” to his son.  Since then Nate’s been able to feel him a few more times. +  About a week ago, I had another bleeding scare.  The whole situation is a little TMI and I’m not going to go into it on here but basically it boiled down to one night bleeding quite a bit and not being able tell exactly where the blood was coming from.  After the initial flow, there wasn’t any more blood, I hadn’t had any cramping at all, and I was still feeling Caleb wiggling away so Nate and I decided to wait until the next morning for me to call my midwife when the office opened up.  When I called the next morning they listened to what happened (which was embarrassing because it involved so many more bodily functions than I’m comfortable talking about), looked over the ultrasound that I had just over a week before then, and reviewed my chart.  They said I had hemorrhoids and they had ruptured – hence the blood.  As annoying and uncomfortable and scary the whole situation was, I’m more than thankful that it was only hemorrhoids and everything with the pregnancy itself was fine. +  Just yesterday I found my first stretch mark.  Let’s just say that no one is looking at my love handles again for a very long time.  (Ok, Nate’s allowed to…  But he’s the only one) All in all, I’m still loving (for the most part) this whole being pregnant thing and can’t wait for November to meet little Caleb! 20 Week Collage

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