Your Husband CAN be Your Best Friend

October 8, 2014

53 I feel as though I’ve been reading tons of posts about the reason your husband shouldn’t be your best friend.  These posts encourage us married women to have a female best friend and to leave our husbands to be our husbands.  I completely 100% disagree.  (with the exception that I DO think we should have female best friends too…)  I absolutely think our husbands should be our best friends.  Nate is certainly my best friend and I see nothing wrong with that.  I believe whole heartedly that God agrees. Here’s what I think… The Bible says that when we marry we become one with our spouse.  Now, I’m not going to go all theological on you about that verse but I do think it’s key to this conversation.  Being one with someone ultimately means we’re on the same page, doing the same thing, viewed as a unit by the God of the universe.  I think that’s a pretty big deal.  If I can’t share my heart with the person with whom God views me as a unit there’s something wrong.  If I can’t chat and giggle and be myself with this person then I should probably rethink the way my marriage is going. Of course, men and women are different.  I’m certainly thankful for that.  Nate doesn’t always love hearing about how I learned a new crochet stitch or how I really want to get a specific pair of boots this fall.  I don’t always want to hear about how he’s thinking of fixing a certain problem with our car or what type of beer he’s planning on brewing next.  We just don’t have all the same hobbies.  This does not negate our best friendness.  I mean, really, I think about my best girlfriend and have the same feelings.  There are things that she loves and can just go on and on about and I really just don’t care.  I’m sure the feeling is mutual.  Does that mean I don’t listen to her and engage in what she loves?  Of course not!  I love her so I’m going to love what she’s got to say.  (Until she gets super obnoxious and, in love, I tell her to shut up…  That’s also a thing best friends are allowed to do)  The exact same thing should happen with my husband.  I should not shut him down when he’s talking about what’s on his mind and he should have the same courtesy to me.  That’s how best friends are. Really, who’s better to travel with, talk with, drink coffee with, bike ride with, clean with, gossip with, giggle with, or pray with than your best friend?  I’m glad my best friend is the one who sits beside me at the table at dinner, cuddles with me as I watch TV at night, and is laying next to me as I go to bed.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Do you think your husband should be your best friend?
How has marriage taught you to be a better friend?

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