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Tips on Dressing a (VERY) Pregnant Belly

November 18, 2014

At 39 weeks pregnant, my wardrobe is looking pretty scarce.  I’ll put on an outfit – a MATERNITY outfit nonetheless – and look in the mirror only to find my belly poking out.  Maternity shirt after maternity shirt have been put into the “don’t fit” pile and it’s ridiculous to come up with an outfit to wear – especially since I’m still working and can’t just hang out in pajamas all day.  (My last day of work is Friday unless Caleb decides to come early!!!) Are you nearing the end of your pregnancy and struggling with finding an outfit that fits? I've got some great tips on looking cute and professional until your baby arrives! #Pregnancy #Baby #Maternity #Clothes #Belly I’ve heard tons of other pregnant women complain about this very thing so I thought I’d share some tips I’ve come up with for stretching my wardrobe these last few weeks. DSC01197DSC01198 1.  Non-Maternity Tunic Tops You know the shirts that practically come down to your knees while you’re not pregnant – the shirts you’re pretty comfortable wearing with only leggings because they do a fine job covering your tush?  Those shirts can be perfect during late pregnancy.  Of course, at this point they’re no longer long tunics but instead are just normal shirts. Outfit Details:
1.  Long Sleeved Shirt: Unknown, Purple Tunic: Target via Goodwill, Necklace: Target, Pants: H&M Maternity Treggings, Shoes: Ross
2.  Cardigan: Target, Shirt: Forever 21 via Clothing Exchange, Belt: Target, Pants: H&M Maternity Treggings, Boots: Charlotte Russe DSC01204DSC01205 2.  Dresses Sure, dresses make the bump look huge but at least they fit, right?  What a great item of clothing that truly does grow right along with the belly.  The stretchier the better, in my opinion! Outfit Details:
1.  Dress: Motherhood Maternity via ThredUp, Boots: Charlotte Russe
2.  Dress: Macy’s, Cardigan: Macy’s, Boots: Charlotte Russe DSC01206DSC01208 3.  Skirts Kind of like dresses, stretchy skirts are very forgiving – they don’t even have to be maternity skirts!  As long as the waistband is elastic or yoga style the skirt should be able to sit under your belly and make you look very pulled together. Outfit Details:
1.  Cardigan: Unknown, Shirt: Old Navy Maternity, Necklace: Gift, Skirt: Target (non-maternity) via ThredUp, Boots: Charlotte Russe
2.  Shirt: Target via ThredUp, Scarf: Walmart, Skirt: Old Navy (maternity) via Thredup, Shoes: Ross DSC01209DSC01214 4.  Yoga Pants Who says yoga pants have to be for working out or lounging around the house?  I found a pair of thick maternity yoga pants and have been able to pass them off as work dress pants for the past few months.  Wear the pants with confidence (and a cute, work appropriate top) and no one will know that you’re pretty much in pajamas. Outfit Details:
1.  Cardigan: Unknown, Shirt: Ross, Yoga Pants: YogaOutlet, Shoes: Ross
2.  Sweater: American Eagle via Salvation Army, Yoga Pants: YogaOutlet Shoes: Ross DSC01216DSC01217 5.  Accessorize When you find a top that fits, make sure to find tons of different way to wear it.  In the pictures above, I’m wearing the same sweater and jeans but I’d be ok with wearing these outfits on back to back days because the looks are very different.  It’s all in the accessories! Outfit Details:
1.  Sweater: Gap Maternity via ThredUp, Flannel Shirt: Target, Pants: H&M Maternity Treggings, Shoes: Bobs
2.  Sweater: Gap Maternity via ThredUp, Cardigan: Target, Scarf: Walmart, Pants: H&M Maternity Treggings, Boots: Charlotte Russe

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