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Tips on Dressing a (VERY) Pregnant Belly

November 18, 2014

At 39 weeks pregnant, my wardrobe is looking pretty scarce.  I’ll put on an outfit – a MATERNITY outfit nonetheless – and look in the mirror only to find my belly poking out.  Maternity shirt after maternity shirt have been put into the “don’t fit” pile and it’s ridiculous to come up with an outfit to wear – especially since I’m still working and can’t just hang out in pajamas all day.  (My last day of work is Friday unless Caleb decides to come early!!!) Are you nearing the end of your pregnancy and struggling with finding an outfit that fits? I've got some great tips on looking cute and professional until your baby arrives! #Pregnancy #Baby #Maternity #Clothes #Belly

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Your Turn:
What are your tips for dressing a VERY pregnant belly?
Where do you find cheap maternity clothes?

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