Baby, Bouncing, and Bundling Up

December 30, 2014

One Month Yes, Caleb is now 6 weeks old but I still want to share his monthly update with you all.  On December 17th Caleb turned a month old and I even remembered to take a picture that day!  It’s amazing how much he had grown in his first month of life. Weight: 9lb 3oz – 31% (Birth Weight 8lb) Height: 21.5 inches – 80% (Birth Height 20 inches) He’s my tall, skinny little man!  At Caleb’s two week checkup he was just barely gaining the appropriate amount of weight so the pediatrician asked me to make sure he was feeding every two and a half hours during the day – even if I had to wake him up.  Two weeks later we went back in and he was gaining more than he needed.  I’m so glad he caught up and I don’t have to supplement with formula.  He wakes up twice (sometimes three times) a night to eat and I feel so thankful that I get a decent amount of sleep each night. Likes:  Mama’s boobs, Bouncing on the yoga ball (more on that another day), Staring at anything he’s fascinated by, Kisses (especially from daddy), His bouncer, Being rocked, Being Swaddled Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed, Bath time, 8-10pm, Belly rubs, Pacifiers Clothes:  Newborn clothes are getting a little too short for Caleb but 0-3 month clothes are too loose (even though they’re the right length).  I think this will be a common theme if he remains in the 30th/80th percentages.  Caleb is still in newborn diapers but he’s just about ready to switch to size 1. Milestones:  Caleb is STRONG!  He can hold up his head by himself without a problem and lifts it up like it’s nothing while he’s doing tummy time.  He has a tight grip when he’s holding onto a finger.  He’s just starting to smile but hasn’t smiled at anyone or about anything yet. One WeekOne Month 2 Dearest Caleb, I can’t believe you’ve been a part of our lives for a whole month!  It seems like you were born just yesterday but it also seems like you’ve been with us forever.  Your daddy and I are so unbelievably in love with you!  You are such an easy, fun baby (other than the hours between eight and ten pm when you scream unless daddy is bouncing you on the yoga ball) and we feel so fortunate that you’re a good sleeper, eater, and pooper.  Everything you do is so precious to us – from squeaks to facial expressions to hand movements.  You love staring at things – especially the shelves above our couches – and always have such a serious facial expression and we wonder what it is you’re thinking of.  Every day your little personality comes to life more and more and we just love getting to know you.  We pray for you all the time and know that God has something special in store for your life.  Little man, we’re so thankful for you in our lives and love you more than words can say!


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