I Can't Believe You're Finally Done!

December 8, 2014

100_2414_thumb Dear Nate, You made it!  As of yesterday you’re officially done with your master’s degree.  This has been a long time coming and it’s hard to believe that you’re really done.  Sometimes along the way it felt like this day would never come. When you started your program at Western three and a half years ago we were newlyweds, barely married a month.  We truly didn’t know what we were in for and how different life would be when you finished.  Our lives have changed so much – we’ve grown and shifted – and we’ve learned so much about ourselves, the Lord, and one another.  We’ve learned how to love one another through good times and hard times.  We’ve learned to give one another grace and hold fast to the Grace of the Lord.  We learned how to be intentional with the limited amounts of time we had together and we learned how to do our own things when the other person was busy.  We had a baby boy.  We’re not the same people we were when you began taking classes to get your degree. God has shown up in amazing ways the past three and a half years.  He truly showed us His guiding hand throughout the whole process.  We have been able to get through this schooling without having to take out any more loans by His grace.  God has shown time and again that this opportunity for you to continue your education in order to learn more about Him and how to be in vocational ministry is the path He had for you. It’s amazing to look back on all you learned.  I’m so thankful I was able to take some of your classes with you and learn alongside you.  I’ve loved all the conversations we’ve had, processing things you’re learning in your classes.  I’ve loved being challenged by you and challenging you.  I know those conversations will continue throughout the years, especially with how firm of a foundation we’ve set up for ourselves. It’s hard to picture how life will be different now.  Having free time together is such an unknown.  Instead of you doing hours of homework each night you’ll come home from work and be free.  We can get involved in activities outside of school.  We’ll be able to plan things over weekends and not have to work our plans around your studying.  So much is opening up to us now that you’re done. I’m excited to see where God will take us in the next season of our lives.  He has been so faithful and I know he will continue to guide us and show us what He desires us to do and where He desires for us to be involved in ministry. I’m so unbelievably proud of you and I love you!

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