8 Baby Products I Love

January 27, 2015

0-2 Month Favorite Products 1.  Boppy Pillow – This is a must have for any mom – especially one who is breastfeeding.  I love that the boppy holds my little man much closer to the breast, allowing for more comfortable feedings for both him and me.  The boppy also is extremely versatile – it can be used as a cushion for a new mom to sit on while she’s healing from the delivery or it can be used by the baby during tummy time.  I also use the boppy to prop Caleb up in a semi sitting position since he loves to look around. 2.  Summer Infant Swaddle Blankets – These blankets are lifesavers!  Babies love to be swaddled, especially while they’re sleeping, but swaddling them in normal blankets is hard!  The nurses showed Nate and me how to swaddle Caleb quite a few times while we were in the hospital but we just could never get the blankets tight enough and Caleb would always escape.  Once we got home and started using these velcro blankets life got so much easier! 3.  Bouncer Seat – Caleb adores his bouncer seat.  He happily sits in his seat throughout the day (as long as he’s not hungry or grumpy) while Nate and I get other things done.  It’s wonderful that he has a safe place to sit while I do dishes, shower, or blog.  The bouncing also helps him stay asleep during nap time.  (Of course, we definitely take him out of the seat to cuddle him, do tummy time, play on his mat, etc) 4.  Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment – Although Caleb doesn’t get diaper rash too often, when he does this diaper rash ointment has been so wonderful!  It only takes one or two applications during a diaper change and the rash is gone! 5.  Diaper Genie – Originally I was just planning on getting a normal garbage can for the nursery but Nate talked me into spending a little more money and getting a diaper genie.  I’m thankful he did!  The diaper genie is the perfect was to dispose of dirty diapers, it keeps the scent sealed in wonderfully, and it’s so easy to change the lining out. 6.  Yoga Ball – I know, this seems like a silly item to have on a list of baby favorites but it truly is one of our most used baby items.  Pretty much every night, during the “witching hour,” Caleb starts crying uncontrollably.  He’s not hungry and his diaper is changed.  One night, Nate discovered that if he sat on the yoga ball holding Caleb and bounced fairly vigorously Caleb would calm down and gradually fall asleep.  We don’t go overnight anywhere without our ball. 7.  Moby Wrap – I love wearing Caleb!  I certainly don’t do it all the time but, when I do, the moby wrap is perfect.  Caleb loves being snuggled up in the wrap against my chest and I love being able to kiss the top of his head and feel him snuggling up against me.  Now that Caleb is a bit older, he loves looking around and experiencing the places we visit while safely cuddled up against me. 8.  Skip Hop Duo Diaper Bag – This diaper bag is perfect!  I wanted a bag that wasn’t too big (so I couldn’t pack more than I needed), wasn’t too feminine (so Nate would be ok with carrying it), and had lots of pockets for organization (because I’m slightly OCD).  This bag completely fit the bill!  I love carrying my diaper bag around and don’t feel like it’s little kiddy at all. What are your favorite baby products?
Do you have thoughts on any of the products I love?
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