My Little Chubster

January 19, 2015

Two Months On Saturday Caleb turned two months old!  In some ways I can’t believe my little guy is getting so old but in other ways I feel as though he’s been a part of our lives forever.  I’m pretty smitten with him. Weight: 12lb 8oz – 57% (Up from 9lb 3oz) Height: 23.92 inches – 88% (Up from 21.5 inches) Last month I said that Caleb was my tall and skinny little man but he’s starting to outgrow that title.  After not gaining weight well his first few weeks of life it’s wonderful to see that he gained over three pounds in the past month.  His pediatrician was thrilled with his weight gain and said his weight is much more where it’s supposed to be. Sleep:  Caleb wakes up only once or twice a night now to eat.  The longest stretch of sleep he’s gone is six and a half hours.  When he does wake up in the night he’s only up for about twenty minutes and falls back asleep easily.  I definitely feel fortunate that he has such good sleeping skills. Likes:  Mama’s boobs, Daddy, Being bounced on the Yoga Ball, Staring at his shelves, Kisses, His bouncer, Being rocked, Being swaddled, Riding in his carseat and stroller, Bouncing to music Dislikes: Raspberries blown on his tummy, Bath time, 8-10pm, Pacifiers, Being hungry while in the car, Being held by anyone except mommy or daddy when he’s tired Clothes:  Caleb wears size one diapers and is in 0-3 month clothes with a few 3 month tops thrown in the mix.  Unfortunately, some 0-3 month pants still don’t fit him so he wears the same two or three pairs of pants pretty much every day. Milestones:  Even though he’s a very serious little guy, Caleb has officially started smiling.  Sometimes he just smiles on his own but most of the time it’s in response to Nate or me kissing him or when he looks at his shelves on the wall about our couch.  We’re a little bummed that the shelves get more smiles than we do.  😉  Caleb has begun “talking” and we adore all his little squeaks and coos.  We went on two road trips this past month – one to Spokane and one to Seattle – and he handled them like champs.  On the Spokane trip he only had to be fed once and he made it all the way to Seattle without needing to be fed.  We’re so thankful he’s great in the car.  Caleb’s becoming a total daddy’s boy and gets so excited when Nate comes home from work. One WeekOne Month 2Two Months Dear Caleb, This past month with you has been so much fun!  You’re really starting to get your own little personality and we’re totally loving it.  Your smiles just make our day and your daddy and I do everything we can to get you to smile!  I love the relationship you and daddy are building with one another.  It’s adorable to see how much you just adore your dad.  I can’t wait until you’re older and are daddy’s little shadow.  We love it when you “talk” to us and adore seeing you learn how your body works.  You’re absolutely precious to me and I am so thankful I’m able to stay home with you all day, every day.  I’m so excited to see what this next month brings as you grow and change.  I pray that as you grow you fall in love with Jesus and learn all about His grace.  You’re so special to me, baby boy!  I love you! Read More
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