My Heart is on the Outside Now

February 24, 2015

Caleb at Three Months For three months my heart has been outside my body.  It’s amazing how in love and connected I can be to another human being and my life is forever changed. Weight: ???  We haven’t gone to the doctor this month so I don’t know how much he weighs right now. (Up from 12ob 8oz) Height: ???  We haven’t gone to the doctor this month so I don’t know how long he is right now. (Up from 23.92 inches) As much as I’d love to know how much he weighs and how tall he is, I’m glad we haven’t had to go to the doctor this month.  Caleb did get a cold but it never got bad enough to have to see a doctor.  Although his eye has always been goopy (due to a clogged tear duct) just a few days ago Caleb’s eye got SUPER goopy and I was just about to take him to the doctor but it cleared up.  We’re hoping that the goopiness was his clogged tear duct clearing up. Sleep:  We’ve finally gotten Caleb going to bed between seven and eight every night.  We wake him up when we go to bed (between 10-11) to dream feed and he falls right back asleep once he’s done.  Caleb typically only wakes up once – sometime between 3 and 4am – during the night to eat again.  He got a cold about a week ago and was waking up every two hours and that was absolutely exhausting.  I’m so beyond glad that’s over with now.  I really feel for you women who have babies where that is normal. Likes:  Mama’s boobs, Daddy, Being bounced on the Yoga Ball, Kisses, His swing, Being rocked, Being swaddled, Riding in his carseat and stroller, Bouncing to music, Bath time (after an initial shock), Chewing on his fingers and mama and daddy’s fingers Dislikes: After 7pm, Pacifiers, Bottles (yeah, bummer!), Being hungry while in the car, Being held by anyone except mommy or daddy when he’s tired Clothes:  Caleb already graduated to size two diapers and is in 3-6 month clothes with a few 6-9 month tops thrown in the mix.  He’s growing like a weed! Milestones:  Caleb still is a serious little guy but he smiles a lot for mama and daddy now!  Caleb has even begun giggling a little bit.  It’s absolutely beyond adorable!  Talking is one of Caleb’s favorite past times now too!  He just jabbers away and it’s fun having “conversations” with him.  Some of his jabbers honestly sound like words and it’s fun having him “say” words like “hi,” “yeah,” “no,” and “mama.”  Caleb loves his little play gym and kicks at the toys hanging down.  He constantly rolls onto his side and has succeeded in rolling over once!  (He was not thrilled when he did it, though, because his arm got trapped under his body)  The car is still a place Caleb enjoys but if we drive too far I have to sit in back with him to keep him company.  Bath time is becoming less of a struggle and, after an initial shock, he starts enjoying it.  I’ll help him kick and splash in the tub and he thinks that’s a lot of fun.  We are starting to work on sleep training and getting him to fall asleep on his own (he still needs the nightly feeding so we’re not trying to get rid of that by any means).  During the day we’ve naturally fallen into the EASY schedule (eat, activity, sleep, you time) and he’s able to fall asleep on his own if I put him in his swing.  We’re going to gradually work toward him not needing the swing either.  I’m not a fan of crying it out (and he’s too young for that anyway) so getting to sleep at night time still involves bouncing on the yoga ball with daddy.  Thankfully it now takes only about 10 minutes to get him to sleep instead of an hour or more.  The little man is typically in bed, asleep, by eight. One WeekOne MonthTwo MonthsThree Months Dearest, darling Caleb, Another month has flown by and my love for you has only grown.  You and I are getting to be such good buddies and I love spending my days with you!  God truly created me to be a mama and I love that He created you to fulfill that in my life.  Your smiles, giggles, and jabbering make my heart sing and I love smothering you with kisses.  Now that we have a schedule (more or less) down it’s getting easy to help you learn.  We enjoy playing on the floor, reading your children’s Bible, and going for walks together.  I’m excited for you to continue to grow and become even more of a playmate and buddy to you!  I love you, Daddy loves you, and Jesus loves you! Read More
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