The Hardest Week Yet – Caleb's 4 Month Update

March 24, 2015

Four Months My little man is growing so big, handsome, and adorable!  I can’t even stand how much I love my precious little guy.  He gets more and more of an adorable personality every day and I can’t wait to see the boy he’s growing into. Weight: 17 lb 4 oz – 83%  (Up from 12lb 8oz at 2 months) Height: 26.3 inches – 91% (Up from 23.92 inches at 2 months) My little guy keeps growing and growing.  It amazes me that he had a hard time gaining weight his first month because he does NOT have that problem now!  His pediatrician is thrilled with his weight gain and says she likes that his weight is getting closer to his height. Sleep:  I HATE the 4 month sleep regression with a firey passion that burns from deep within.  Caleb’s sleep is pretty horrible now (it’s just starting to get a little better) and it’s turned me into a zombie.  We had one week that was the worst week we’ve had since he was born – he wasn’t napping, he was waking up every two hours at night, AND Nate was working long hours.  Let’s just say that MANY tears were shed that week.  Caleb has decided that he only needs to take half hour naps but his body does not agree with that.  By the end of the day he’s an exhausted wreck and is so overtired it takes forever to get him to sleep.  I spoke with his pediatrician about this at his four month appointment and she told me that it’s perfectly normal and WILL get better.  She gave me some pointers – like putting him down for a nap as soon as he shows that he’s tired in the morning (even if it’s only half an hour after he wakes up) because his first nap sets his body up for either getting good sleep during the day or being exhausted all day.  She also said he should be awake no more than two hours at a time which I totally didn’t know.  With those tips we’re finally getting some decent daytime sleep (around 50 minutes at a time) and he’s pretty much back to his normal nighttime sleep pattern. Likes:  Batting at the toys on his play gym, Holding onto and chewing on his burp clothes, Being smiled at, Mama’s boobs, Daddy, Being bounced on the Yoga Ball, Kisses, His swing, Being rocked, Being swaddled, Riding in his carseat and stroller, Bouncing to music, Bath time, Chewing on his fingers and mama and daddy’s fingers Dislikes: Tummy time, After 7pm, Pacifiers, Bottles (yeah, bummer!), Anything plastic, Being hungry while in the car, Being held by anyone except mommy or daddy when he’s tired Clothes:  Caleb is growing like a weed and is size three diapers!  He’s still in 3-6 month clothes with a few 6-9 month tops thrown in the mix. Milestones:  Caleb’s getting so funny!  He has little games he likes playing with us and it’s beyond adorable!  Most of Caleb’s games involve kisses.  When we go in to give him a kiss he’ll turn his head away right before we kiss him and then giggle as he turns his head back to us, wanting us to do it again.  If we go in to kiss him and make the kissing sound but don’t smack our lips he’ll turn his head back to us and grunt while pushing his lips toward our lips.  He’s decided that he loves the material of his burp clothes and cuddles them against his cheek.  He holds onto, chews on, and rubs his face against his burp clothes as often as he can.  If that’s what’s going to be his lovey I’m more than ok with that because we can always get more burp clothes if one gets lost!  Caleb has decided that he really doesn’t like tummy time and fusses whenever I put him on his stomach.  He’s such a particular child and likes what he likes and doesn’t like what he doesn’t like.  I have no idea where he gets that…  (*Cough*me*cough*)  We’re loving that he’s getting a little more hair and are excited that it keeps looking more and more like it’s going to be red (or at least have red tints to it).  Since both of us have red genes in our families we’re hoping for at least one redheaded kid (but we won’t be disappointed if it’s not Caleb).  😉 One WeekOne MonthTwo MonthsThree MonthsFour Months Dearest baby boy,  I love you SO MUCH!  I think you’re going to get tired of hearing that because it seems like that’s what comes out of my mouth every two seconds when I’m around you.  You are my little buddy and I love spending my days with you.  (Yes, even the hard ones)  It’s so fun seeing you learn and grow and getting to introduce you to different experiences.  You’re getting such a funny personality and I love giggling with you.  I know that the fun times we have together will only continue as you get older.  You light up your daddy and my life in a way we couldn’t even have imagined four months ago.  Now we can’t understand how we got through life without you.  I love you so very much and pray that you tangibly feel my love, your daddy’s love, and Jesus’ love on a daily basis. Read More
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