The Five Emotions of Nap Time

April 27, 2015
The four month sleep regression is real, folks, and it causes all sorts of nap time emotions!  What emotions do you go through during your baby's nap time?

We may have beat the four month sleep regression!!!  Caleb has finally started napping well and sleeping so much better at night!  (Knock on wood) You better believe I’ve been singing Halleluiah and doing happy dances every day that he’s slept two or three hours at a time!  I know there have been a few things that have helped – a good diaper, being swaddled, and napping in his swing – but I’ve been surprised to find that there are five stages of emotions I go through daily.  How many of you can relate?

One: Anticipation

The baby starts yawning and rubbing his eyes.  You know it’s time to put him down for his nap so you get everything prepared.  You make sure he’s in a dry diaper, you turn on the noise machine, you make sure the temperature’s right in his room, and you swaddle him up.  Everything is ready to go.  You hope and pray that the baby will go down easily and that he stays asleep for more than half an hour.

Two: Determination

Your baby refuses to fall asleep on his own so you do what you can to get him to fall asleep.  You nurse him, bounce him, rock him, sing to him, shush him, and whatever else it takes to put your little one in a deep sleep.  Maybe it takes three minutes and maybe it takes forty five minutes but, eventually, your baby falls asleep.  You’re exhausted from the effort of putting your baby to sleep and ready for some time to yourself.

Three: Excitement

Half an hour passes by and your baby hasn’t woken up yet!!!  You’re pumped that he got through his first sleep cycle and you know that means he’ll get a great nap in today!

Four: Enjoyment

You allow yourself to enjoy some “me time.”  Maybe you do dishes, maybe you watch your favorite TV show, maybe you take a nap.  Whatever you’re doing, it’s what YOU want and it’s not being interrupted by a needy baby.

Five: Loneliness

Eventually you finish doing whatever it was that you had been longing to get done while the little one was awake.  You realize that you totally miss you baby and wish you were playing with, snuggling, and loving on your kiddo.  You consider waking him up but know that wouldn’t solve your problems because you really don’t want to be dealing with a fussy baby.  At that moment you hear squeaks coming out of the baby monitor and get a smile on your face because your little darling is awake and happy.

Your Turn:
Have you experienced these emotions during nap time?
What do you do to help your kiddo sleep longer?

Huggies are a huge part of keeping my little one asleep at nap time.  Not only do the Huggies Snug and Dry Ultra Diapers have a 12 hour Leak Lock System, they also are a great fit for chunky little guys like Caleb!
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The four month sleep regression is real, folks, and it causes all sorts of nap time emotions!  What emotions do you go through during your baby's nap time?

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