All He Wanted Was to Wrestle That Bear – Caleb's Six Month Update

May 25, 2015

Caleb Six Month Picture Goodness, this boy.  This month is was super tough taking these pictures.  Caleb wanted to either wrestle the bear or grab his toes the whole time.  Thankfully I got one picture that would work.  Check out my instagram for the best bear wrestling picture.  He’s kinda a cutie.  Raising Caleb is absolutely the hardest, most wonderful thing I’ve ever done in my life.  Even though he’s only six months old, I can’t even remember life before him. Weight: 20 lb 15 oz – 95% (Up from 17 lb 4 oz at 4 months) Height: 28 inches – 95% (Up from 26.3 inches at 4 months) Caleb is such an adorable chunk.  He has the squishiest thighs and most kissable cheeks.  He gives his mama a workout every time I have to pick him up but it’s totally worth it for how adorable he is. Sleep:  Sleep is always an issue with this guy but is certainly getting better.  He’s still only waking up once a night and a few nights he’s even slept through the night!!!  (It was while we were travelling at my parent’s house so I think he was just overwhelmed…  Maybe we should always keep him overwhelmed…)  Nap time is on and off with being good.  Sometimes he’ll sleep four or five 20 minute naps and sometimes he’ll sleep two 2-4 hour naps and one half hour nap.  Those are the days I prefer.  He still screams when he gets tired and we have to either bounce him on the yoga ball or nurse him (me, not Nate) until he falls asleep.  His pediatrician gave me some good ideas to help him not scream and we’re excited to start working with him to help him fall asleep easier. Likes:  Trying new foods, Throwing food on the ground, Chewing on everything, Being attacked with kisses by mommy and daddy, Playing with his toys, rolling over, Batting at the toys on his play gym, Being smiled at, Mama’s boobs, Daddy, Giving kisses, Being swaddled, Riding in his carseat and stroller, Bouncing to music, Bath time Dislikes: Bing Tired, Spending too much time eating without being able to get food to his own mouth, Mama and daddy trying to help him eat Clothes:  Caleb is just graduating to size 4 diapers and is mostly in 9 months clothes.  He’s absolutely growing like a weed. Milestones:  Caleb and I took a trip to Spokane all by ourselves and, although he didn’t do perfectly, he did so well in the car with just his mama.  He missed Nate a ton and got so happy the moment he was back in Nate’s arms when we got home.  I love their relationship and how much he adores it when Nate comes home from work every day.  While we were gone Caleb got to meet his two little cousins – Matthew and Kalena who are both about six months younger than him.  Kalena was actually born on his six month birthday!  Caleb loves giving kisses.  Most of the time we have to ask for them but every so often he’ll give them of his own free will.  Sometimes he catches us off guard and ends up banging his head into our noses but it’s totally worth it.  Caleb laughs so often and Nate and I will do just about anything to make him laugh.  Caleb rolls all over the place.  We have to keep our eyes on him or he rolls and gets into things he shouldn’t.  He’s trying SO hard to scoot and I’m certain that will be happening in the next few weeks.  Caleb is a champion of sitting up.  He can sit up with no propping pretty much indefinitely and, when he’s laying down, he tries so hard to get himself to sit up.  He also ADORES standing.  He holds himself up perfectly other than needing to be balanced by us.  He gets a HUGE grin on his face every time we let him stand and looks so proud of himself.  Caleb got his two bottom teeth this month and we’re learning how to nurse with him not biting me.  It’s so nice to not have him be teething for a while and he’s so much happier now.  Caleb’s babbling is increasing daily.  Sometimes he’ll sing with Nate and me and he LOVES hearing his voice echoing in cups and vibrating in the stroller while we’re going on walks and walking over bumps. One WeekOne MonthTwo MonthsThree MonthsFour MonthsFive MonthsSix Months Photo Shoot  Simple Moments Stick Precious little man, my life is 20394234293842 times better because of you!  You are amazing, happy, opinionated, a little stinker, and a bit of a drama queen and I LOVE it…  And am exhausted by it.  We figure each other out better day by day and it’s so fun to learn and grow with you.  My heart is beyond full with you in it.  Your daddy is such an amazing daddy to you and you two are adorable together.  Sometimes I’m a little jealous of your bond since you get so excited every time daddy’s around.  I guess I just need to leave more so you can get excited when I come back too.  I pray that you daily feel how much your daddy, Jesus, and I all love you! Read More
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