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How to Find Time to Work Out with a Baby

May 26, 2015

Are you wondering how to find time to work out with a baby hanging around? This post has the solutions!

I am not one of those women who jump back to my pre-baby body weeks after having the little one.  I scoff at anyone who says nursing will cause the pounds to just fall off.  I have to hold myself back from punching another woman in the face when she fits back into her pre pregnancy jeans the day after she delivers. Posting this picture of myself was actually kind of hard.  I’m insecure about the way I look right now – especially since I haven’t lost a single pound in the past six months – but I want to be an encouragement to the rest of you to love the way you look so I’m trying to do that too.

Even though I haven’t lost weight since having Caleb, I know I’ve gotten so much healthier and my body is feeling a ton better because I’ve been doing my best to fit exercise in daily.  It doesn’t always happen but I’m really trying.  It can often be a struggle since there’s so much else going on and the baby needs so much attention when he’s awake but I know that eventually (read: after Caleb is weaned) I’ll start to see the number on that scale shift downward back toward my goal weight. For those of you in the same boat I am, I’d love to share some ways I’ve found to squeeze in exercise in the midst of a crazy busy, post baby life.

How to Find Time to Work Out with a Baby

Change Things Up

I don’t know about you but I have all sorts of work out DVD’s laying around the house AND a membership to Daily Burn so I should never have the excuse that I don’t know what exercise to do or that I’m bored with doing the same exercise DVD over and over again.  If you don’t have access to any of those, there’s always YouTube to turn to with its hundreds of workout clips.  Never use the excuse of repetitiveness to keep you from exercising.  Find a new workout and get moving!

Just Press Play

Along those same lines, don’t feel like you have to have a specific time to work out.  Did you happen to wake up before baby?  Press Play!  Did baby just go down for a nap?  Press Play!  Did your spouse get home and is able to occupy baby?  Press Play!  Find that fifteen minutes, half hour, whole hour, or more and start that workout DVD.  It’s ok if baby gets in the way of you finishing your workout.  Some is better than nothing.

Join a Group

Are workout DVDs not your jam?  Maybe you need to join a group to keep you motivated.  There are all sorts of group classes out there from yoga to running to zumba.  Find an exercise that makes your heart go pitter patter and allow it to keep you motivated.  Some classes allow you to bring your baby along but, with others, make it a priority that your spouse stays home with the baby one night a week or invest in a babysitter one night a week so you can go to your class.

Include Your Baby

There There are tons of ways to include your baby in workouts too!  You can purchase Mommy and Me workout DVDs or attend a Mommy and Me workout class.  It’s also great to get out of the house and go for walks with your little one.  If your baby is a decent sleeper you could try to go on walks during naptime with the baby sleeping in the stroller.  Use your imagination with how to include your little one in your work outs.

Ask for Accountability

It’s always easier to spend time exercising if someone else is encouraging you along.  Tell your spouse, a good friend, or people facebook to hold you accountable to working out.  Ask your spouse to go on walks with you or go on a jog with a friend.  Find another woman with a baby your age and do your workouts together.  Don’t get offended if that person DOES ask you how your workouts are going.

Your Turn:
What are your tips for finding time to work out with a baby?
Who is your accountability partner?

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Are you wondering how to find time to work out with a baby hanging around?  This post has the solutions!

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