When Mother's Day Doesn't Go As You've Planned

May 11, 2015

When Mother's Day Doesn't Go as You Plan | Simple Moments StickWhen Mother's Day Doesn't Go as You Plan | Simple Moments StickWhen Mother's Day Doesn't Go as You Plan | Simple Moments StickWhen Mother's Day Doesn't Go as You Plan | Simple Moments StickWhen Mother's Day Doesn't Go as You Plan | Simple Moments Stick This Mother’s Day was filled with good intentions… but good intentions don’t always work out the way we plan. The day started out just as it was supposed to.  Nate (as he always does **love that man**) let me sleep in.  He and Caleb took a trek to Safeway to pick me up some Starbucks and cinnamon rolls and came in to wake me up at eight so Caleb could eat.  Nate had purchased me a necklace from Giaty Jewelry (I may have picked it out and asked him to buy it…) and I was so excited to get it. The little man took a decent nap before church, spent the whole service in the nursery (unlike last week when teething made him need his mama), and then slept most of the way through lunch.  We had a great lunch at my favorite quick Mexican restaurant (Pepino’s) and chucked as we watched Caleb chow down on a lime (he’s a weirdo!). Our next stop was supposed to be a hike at a big forested park here in the city.  That’s when the day fell apart.  Our little stinker has decided that he doesn’t like nature.  When he doesn’t like something he lets us know!  (God help us all when he becomes a toddler!)  He started throwing a tizzy fit as soon as we began our hike and didn’t stop until we let him play in the grass in an open part of the park.  When we had played for a while and hoped he was ready for more hiking we started on our way again.  As soon as we began, he started screaming once again.  Instead of hiking we had to head home and get him down for another nap – a nap I had to hold him for because he was too restless to keep himself asleep.  I had been so excited to go for a hike since we hadn’t for almost a year (late pregnancy and early babyhood kept us from it) and was I pretty disappointed that my little guy took my Mother’s Day wish from me. My mom had an even more unanticipated Mother’s Day.  She loves going on family bike rides and got the kids who are still living at home all together to go tandem bike riding on a bike trail in Spokane.  Part way through the ride my brother Nathanael, who was on the front end of a tandem bike with my sister Dinah, moved out of the way of a biker going the other direction and ended up riding off the trail and crashing.  Nathanael only got bunged up a little bit but Dinah ended up having to go to the Emergency Room because she had a really bad break in her collar bone.  She’s expected to heal well and be perfectly fine in about two months but it’ll be painful for quite a while.  Spending the afternoon in the Emergency Room with a daughter who was in a lot of pain (but handling it like a champ!) was not the way my mom wanted to spend her Mother’s Day. Did you have a Mother’s Day like us?  Were you disappointed by how your day went (or didn’t go)?  Did you mourn the Mother’s Day you wished you had? It’s valid to be upset when things don’t go according to our plans but, instead of dwelling on that feeling, we need to choose thankfulness.  Even on days that are far from our expectations, we should rejoice and be thankful for what we do get out of the day. Yesterday I was thankful for a husband who consistently gets up with our son and lets me sleep in until Caleb needs to eat.  Yesterday I was thankful for a crazy, opinionated, lets his desires be known son who it is an exhausting joy to mother.  Yesterday I was thankful for the opportunity to get out of the house and roll around on the grass with my two favorite guys, even if that’s not what I expected to get out of the day. There’s always a silver lining, even on days that don’t go as we plan.

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