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The Father Son Relationship

June 15, 2015

The father son relationship importance!

My boy loves his daddy.  I love seeing the father and son relationship between my two favorite guys and seeing that Caleb is already learning so much from his daddy.  I feel so fortunate that Caleb has such a wonderful man to look up to and I pray Caleb mirrors a lot of his dad’s character traits as he grows.

I love when Nate walks in the door from work and Caleb goes crazy.  He giggles and kicks until Nate comes to pick him up.  If, for some ghastly reason, Nate doesn’t pick Caleb up immediately it’s precious to see the little man break down in tears – longing for attention from his daddy.  (Of course, as soon as Nate’s able he does pick the little guy up and give him loves.)

I love when Nate sits Caleb down next to him and plays him music on his guitar.  I’ve always loved how attractive it is to watch my man playing the guitar but it’s compounded 100 fold when he’s playing for our son.  Caleb loves “singing” along and adores being allowed to strum the guitar for himself.  I think the little man might be a musician like his daddy when he gets bigger.

I love when Caleb pulls Nate in to give him kisses (that’s what the picture above is!).  Caleb wants to be close to his daddy and show all sorts of affection.  I love watching the games my boys play together.  Caleb loves playing a specific sort of peek-a-boo game with only Nate and will forcefully push Nate’s head down in order to play it sometimes.

Caleb thinks it’s the absolute best when both Nate and I are home.  He’ll often look back and forth between the two of us, grinning from ear to ear, loving the attention of both his parents.  He certainly knows what family is.   He know that his daddy is an integral part to our family.

I can’t wait to watch my baby boy keep growing and see how his relationship with his daddy blossoms more and more.  He’s one special guy with a fabulous father!

Your Turn:
What’s something special about the bond between your son and his dad?
Do you understand the father son relationship importance?

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  • Months 12-15 With Caleb – Simple Moments Stick

    October 15, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    […] Caleb has always loved other kids but recently he’s a little more hesitant to interact with other babies.  A lot of the kids he’s around on a regular basis and his cousins are at the age where they’re just starting to interact with him so it’s a little sad that he doesn’t love it as much any more.  He still is pretty fond of big kids and thinks he’s one of them.  He’ll chase big kids around all day and has a blast doing it. Separation anxiety has also started up REALLY strong the past month.  Caleb’s had an issue with Nate leaving for a few months (since Nate’s his favorite person in the whole wide world) and he continues to start crying big fat tears when he sees Nate getting his things together to go to work.  I love that they have a special bond but it breaks my heart a little to see him cry every morning.  He’s also started having separation anxiety when he’s dropped off at the church or gym nurseries.  He’ll typically scream for about five minutes and then slowly work his way to being ok playing and, by the time I pick him up, he’s happily enjoying his time with friends. Caleb still loves people but it takes him a longer time to warm up now.  When we see people who love him we have to give him time to be ok with spending time with and loving on them.  It usually takes about half an hour or so but once we’ve crossed that thresh hold he’s good to get carried around, get hugs, share his toys, and all sorts of things with other grownups that aren’t mama and daddy. Church is definitely Caleb’s second home.  Since we go there probably four times a week for either an event or just to visit Nate Caleb totally feels like he owns the place.  He loves crawling all around the place and knows exactly where his daddy’s office is.  He also knows where the nursery is but only will go towards it if no one else is there since that means mama or daddy will be playing with him.  Caleb crawls all over the sanctuary, stage, and sound area and loves trying to copy his daddy with what he’s doing.  I think we have a budding worship leader on our hands. You might also like: A Boy and His Dad […]

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