God Loves Caitlyn Too

June 4, 2015
The media’s all abuzz.  Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner.  #CallMeCaitlyn.  The ESPN Courage Award.  Everyone and his mother has an opinion on this controversy.  Some are saying Jenner is a hero.  Others are saying Jenner is an abomination.  In this mess what is a Christian to think?  Even more stressful – What is a Christian to SAY?
God Loves Caitlyn Too | Simple Moments Stick
Before we say anything – before we send out a blog post, tweet or facebook status about Jenner being “disgusting” or “a mockery of womanhood” or anything of that nature under the guise of “Christianity” maybe we should do the true Christian thing and, out of love, send up a prayer that Jenner will find healing in the arms of Christ. 
The way so many Christians are talking about this is so hateful and is completely disregarding the loving heart of God. Maybe take a second and remember that the person you’re bashing is just that – a person. God loves that person, regardless of the choices made, as much as He loves you and desires that person to be in a right relationship with Him. We don’t have to agree with the choices made or the way the media is portraying those choices but let’s take a line from Jesus – “He who is without sin throw the first stone”
I’m not saying we cannot “speak the truth in love” but the emphasis on that is LOVE since God is love.  I haven’t heard much love from Christians about this topic even while they’re sharing truth.  It seems to me like it’s a lot of speaking the truth in hate and that’s only going to repel non believers from Christ and confirm in their minds that Christians are a bunch of bigots.  That’s not from God.
We are not called to change the morality of others.  Even Christ didn’t do that.  The only people Jesus rebukes time and again are the “spiritual leaders” who claim to be following God but, instead, are warping the teachings of scripture.  Everyone else – tax collectors, prostitutes, adulterers, etc – He lovingly draws to Himself.  He only says “Go and sin no more” after the person has realized that He is the Messiah and put their faith in Him.  He didn’t and we cannot expect those who don’t have their faith in Christ to “go and sin no more.”  That’s a gospel of works.  If we truly believe in the Gospel of Grace we need to be extending Christ’s love and forgiveness to non-believers and then allowing the Holy Spirit (sometimes with the help of believers) to work on the new Christian’s heart and that is when that individual will be able to begin turning from their sinful ways.
I am not saying we should ignore sin.  I’m saying we should address sin lovingly.  The way Christians are speaking out against Jenner has nothing to do with drawing anyone to the Lord or helping anyone understand Christ and His loving salvation.
I would encourage everyone in two things:
First, let’s not be so caught up in others’ morality.  Let’s not be more focused on sin than we are in seeing a person saved.  Morality is nothing if Jesus is forgotten.  I’d rather love a sinner and see that love transform that person into a follower of Christ (even if that means the morality doesn’t change right away since the timing of that would then be in the hands of the Holy Spirit – where it should be) than condemn a sinner, see the actions change, but not have that person transformed by the Gospel.  It’s rare that you can have both.
Second, I would encourage everyone, myself included, to spend time in prayer before posting anything about this topic or other controversial topics like it.  In this situation, before writing something calling Jenner an abomination, pray about Jenner, asking the Lord to bring healing and salvation.  I think we would all say things differently if we went to prayer first and social media second.
I truly just want believers to remember that we need to be loving others.  If you choose to post something about this topic please make sure you are posting the truth in love.  Just remember that the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.
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