How to Beat the Heat but Keep Eating Healthy

June 10, 2015
I’m sure we’ve all experienced it.  We want to eat healthily and maintain some resemblance to shorts/bathing suit ready bodies but then the temperature rise.  By noon it’s 79 degrees.  By one it’s 85 degrees.  By two it’s 93 degrees and you know there’s no way you’re cooking a healthy meal tonight.  Pizza Hut it is.It doesn’t have to be that way.  Crazy to say, but there are options to beat the heat but still maintain a healthy diet!
Cook During the Day
It know, it’s crazy to think about planning ahead like that but sometimes it needs to happen.  If you know that your dinner recipe needs the oven try to have it all fixed up and in the oven by ten.  Sure, when dinner time comes around you’ll have to reheat it but that’s a bazillion times better than using the oven in the heat of the day.
Utilize Your Crockpot
You can cook just about anything in a crockpot these days.  Take ten seconds to search Pinterest and whatever you’ll find whatever recipe you’re wanting to cook all crockpot ready.  Yes, this takes planning ahead as well but, once again, totally worth it.
Cook Outside
Grilling is one of the best things to do in the summer.  Not only can you cook meat but you can cook homemade pizzas, vegetables, and a ton of other things on the grill!  Use your imagination and get to grilling.
Make Things You Don’t Have to Cook

During the summer sometimes it’s great to throw together a salad or a sandwich – things that you don’t have to cook.  Load up on the vegetables and lean meats and that’s a healthy dinner right there.
Go Out if You Must
Sometimes there’s just no getting around it.  There’s no way you’re spending two seconds in the kitchen – not even to make a sandwich.  If you must go out to eat, make sure you’re choosing a healthy option.  Go somewhere that isn’t greasy and grimy.  Stay away from fast food, greasy pizza, and sugary treats.  Be smart about eating out.


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