Stop Body Shaming My Baby!

June 29, 2015
Caleb’s a chunk.  My baby has juicy thighs, Michelin Man arms, and kissable cheeks.  It’s absolutely adorable!
Almost everyone who sees my little guy comments on his weight.  It’s typically all positive.  The majority of it revolves around how they want to squeeze, pinch, or kiss his cheeks.  All the love he gets is so precious to me.  I love my little man getting to experience love by so many.
The problem comes after the initial weight comment is said.  About 50% of people, after cooing over how precious it is that Caleb’s a chunk follow it up with something along the lines of, “Don’t worry, he’ll lose this weight” OR “When he starts walking this weight will fall right off” OR (worst of all) “You must be feeding him a ton!”
Hold up!
Are you REALLY thinking I’m worried about my seven month old’s weight?!!??!?!  Yeah, I’m not.  He’s doing just fine.
Fun fact – he’s completely proportionate in weight and height.  Fun fact – his pediatrician says he’s doing great!  Fun fact – even if he doesn’t ever lose this weight he’ll still be a wonderful little guy.
All this to say, DON’T BODY SHAME MY BABY!!!
Ok, rant over.  Go back to your lives, citizens.

PS.  Thanks to all of you.  This has NEVER happened via my blog or instagram.  You guys rock!
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